Sad, this is exactly what the left despises

My dipshit leftwit brother used to be triggered by Leave It To Beaver. He HATED it. This illustration would inspire a deranged Facebook essay.

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  1. Yes. Normalcy is like holy water to leftist vampires.

    Not like I am saying your brother is a leftist vampire, Fur.

    OK. Who am I fooling? Yeah. Your brother is a blood sucking vampire.

  2. in Progtard World everything that cannot be regulated must be banned
    anything that shows happiness, especially family unity, must have come at the expense of some ‘downtrodden’ person … so, you are evil & must be punished to make them feel better … somehow

    … & they’re always excusing Eddie Haskell

  3. Not looking for an invite to the BBQ, been 20 years since the last family one and completely understands!
    Over the years, certainly left wing, instead of conversing about solutions would rather name call and tell everyone how stupid they are!
    Going out on a limb, my guess he is a Democrat now. Hates Trump, and yet hates everyone!
    Thanks to the 2 party system and MSM!
    You have accomplished you goal of dividing instead of uniting the states of America.

  4. I never watched it. I was either reading, doing homework, or listening to radio shows. Never really got into those sitcom type shows. I would watch Dick Van Dyke Show and Ed Sullivan, but that’s about it. The only westerns I saw were in the theater on Sat. mornings downtown.

  5. See, that’s fucked up. You need some mixed race shit, like two fags have an oriental girl, and the other child has cataclysmic downs syndrome. And the third child has a crack pipe, and the fourth one is named Pat, covered with tattoos, and is a queer. And the fifth child is as black as a mineshaft and has flies on his eyes. And the sixth one is a mexican wearing a sombrero and flying a mexico flag. Oh, I forgot, mommy is 700 pounds with purple hair, and “daddy” is in skinny trousers, man bun, and has two black boyfriends.

  6. The left wing is now only comprised of white-haters and their Uncle Tom supporters.

    How soon before we move on to soft genocide, to full-blown green light genocide?

  7. Too bad for them. We are free to live the way we want. Them too. Just don’t fuck with our 1A and 2A rights, and we’ll all be ok.

  8. A friend left CA about 2 or 3 years ago, now lives outside of Nashville TN. He posts on Facebook all the time – an idyllic life, 4.5 kids and a loving family, several acres with woods, a tractor, teaching the kids to shoot, and homeschooling. I am somewhat jealous.

  9. Granted, those shirts are giving me kooky acid trip Vietnam flashbacks, but I hardly see any reason to write an article about them.

  10. The picture of a working man, that has a family, owns a home, and has taken responsibility for his own success. What would truly blow their mind, would be same family walking up the church stairs.

    The democrats want to be in charge,(majority) on the day they can declare marshal law. Promote themselves into the new ruling class and finalize the move to socialism.

    Those that point the racist finger the most, are the worst racists.

    If you truly believe in socialism, give all you belongings to the Dem candidate of your choice. Socialism base is “No Personal Property.” Everything belongs to the government.

    It’s to late for a rant.

  11. That is a bit of it, Left Coast Dan. Moving from MD to MO gives homeschooling without restraint. Firearms with little restraint. And a world where our son can be exposed to real life. This is an F600, these are the brakes, these are the tires, this is how the axles come out. This is a carburettor, this is how you set it, this is how you weld (not that I was ever a decent weldor), this is how you design and build fences.

    I’m pretty sure my job, as a father, is to help my son to be self sufficient. This is an AC compressor. This is an evaporator. This yarn is about the latent heat of vaporization. This is reciprocity failure in film. This is, for the most part, how an engine comes out of a truck, or car.

    The video games and shooting basketballs doesn’t help them.

    “Watch me, son, go trough real life.”

    It is becoming lost.

  12. Interesting. When #1 daughter was in middle school, Leave It To Beaver reruns were set on DRV and she loved watching them. There was a moral to every show. No swearing, no sex, no talking trash, no cell phones, ipods or imacs. She liked the show a lot more than I had when the episodes were new.

  13. “It is becoming lost.”

    I disagree. Dans buddy moved out of the city and suburbs, I did, so do a lot of people. We all learn, from scratch, how to do all of that stuff.

    It’s the cities and suburbs that are whack, Whack and not fresh or dope at all.

  14. Was just up in Crested Butte this summer, a veritable progtard utopia.
    Signs proclaiming their diversity, everyone is equal, yadda, yadda are everywhere.
    One very incongruous thing I noticed in this beautiful mountain location was a lot of community billboards, with a lot of suicide prevention posters & information.
    They’re just not happy people, regardless of location, and they’re intent on making us happy people pay for it.

  15. Off topic: Have you all been following what’s happened in Portland, Oregon tonight? I just got home after a two-day outing (w/no news) and I’m appalled.

  16. Jimmy, Portland, Oregon
    “More than 700 law enforcement officers worked to keep the opposing groups separate,”

    Why, do they actually want to fight or just make noise.
    If the police stayed home, it could be a “Darwin Award” winners contest or something.

  17. More than 700 LEOs should have rounded up all the masked, violent Antifa terrorists and incarcerated them. That would have been the lawful action for them to have taken. BUT that is not the Communists’ agenda. The mayor and the Oregon governor are proving to be leaders of the Antifa in Oregon, since they give the anarchists free rein. Anyone remember that California Gov. Reagan called out the National Guard when the protesters became anarchists. Communist revolutionaries mean business, actual domestic enemies. Atheistic communists have been working at destroying the moral family unit for decades. And they have been succeeding! The US is going down very fast.

  18. Ahh, such a longing for the 50s WASP culture. And ‘Jim Crow’ laws segregating black ‘culture’ from Whites in the US.

    What have they done with White Culture since 1965? Do you watch news? What are they doing today? What have they done with Baltimore, Chicago, Philadelphia, Sweden, the UK and and… Their train wreck gets worse and worse and… and…

    PS- Stop calling them leftists. They are radical Marxist communists waging war on Anglo-Saxon Americans. They want you dead, White man!

  19. My mom didn’t wear dresses and heels but she took pride in her canning, homemade noodles and breads. She did all the gardening and took care of big lawn on our farm, which was my dad’s only job. Not a factory farm, either. Nearly all classmates’ parents were together and most moms stayed home with kids small. It was better then.

  20. If it invalidates their own choices, they have nothing but rejection for it.

    My family and my loving being a father was in my brother’s face all the time.

    So much so I couldn’t find him the last 18 years of his life. He was about 4 years older than me.

    He refused to have anything to do with the two children he sired in his teens. That alone had much negative impact on many lives involved. Especially when the daughter, at 19, directly asked for him to be in her life and “start over – all is forgiven”. “NO!” He said. “I’m not going to love you or be in your life.” Right to her face. Crushing. What an asshole move.

    Yet, many of these people he affected so negatively are now in my life.

    As family.

  21. There was no ideal time.
    It’s all an illusion.
    One of the differences was that Burbank and Hollyweird tried to depict a better time, not dwelling on the filth. Cities have always been cesspools (take Pompeii, for instance). Today, immersed as we are in “social realism” (a pseudo-artistic movement inspired by Soviet-style socialism), the “struggle” must be the focus of every work – thus – the propaganda outlets – NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, Hollyweird, and the purveyors of dreck pretending to entertain (as well as the Madison Ave. maggots who paste their schlock PC commercials all over the airwaves (cable-waves?)) – have sacrificed decency and normalcy for distemper, disease, disgust, and shock.

    Of course they hate “Leave it to Beaver.”
    Of course they hate “Lawman.”
    Of course they hate “The Roy Rogers Show.”

    Those lessons are passe:
    Now, a 95# woman can beat the shit out of a 250# man!
    Dodge bullets!
    Outrun a 17,000 f/s blast front.
    Carry a 60# pack and scramble up a mountain (under fire) faster than her male counterparts.

    We ingest and assimilate such foolishness at our peril.

    It’s no wonder that “Leave it to Beaver” grates on the minds of those absorbing the nihilistic/totalitarian narrative. So, too, would reading about Harold Moon, Jr., or any History other than the dead dreck dredged up from the bottom of the “social realist” septic tank.

    izlamo delenda est …

  22. I am a child of the 50’s and 60’s having been born in 1953. All I have to say is it was a heck of a lot easier to grow up back then it was for my children and now my 4 granddaughters. My mom and dad and my in laws all raised good (4 of us, all boys and in my wife’s family 6 boys and 3 girls, they were good Catholics) children despite being working to lower middle class. The late 60’s to early 70’s changed everything when all the restraints on societal norms were abandoned in favor of the if it feels good, do it mentality. I will never apologize for being born when I was because it was the best of times to grow up in America.

  23. Where normalcy lives division can’t.
    The left needs division to usher in their form or reppresive socialism and control over the populace.
    They cultivate jealousy and deviancy as (their favorite term) “the new normal”.

  24. Dadof4, good for you. It’s the nurturing part of your nature (that’s why you’re such a good Dad!) that you have added your poor* brother’s rejects to your family. God bless you.

    *poor because his soul was impoverished. What a sorry existence he had.


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