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Sadistic Muslim Doctors Take Infidels Under The Knife

Gee… We did Nazi that coming.

MadWorldNews: Throughout the Quran, Allah repeats countless times that he does not love the unbelievers, but hates them unless the convert to Islam. This hatred is such a recurring theme of Allah and Muhammad that it has been deeply ingrained in Muslims for 1,400 years.

Sheikh Muhammad Ayed

Because of its hateful and violent narrative, Muslims are encouraged to release their wrath upon those who refuse to believe in “Allah’s judgement and the end of days.”

Although beheading has a been a preferred method of subjugation, since Muhammad first set the record for participating in the largest beheading of his time, the more educated Islamists have found that infidels can serve a much better use before suffering a gruesome death.

The Daily Mail reports that doctors in areas controlled by ISIS are butchering the bodies of captives for many sadistic purposes. Whether to harvest organs, drain blood, or remove body parts to fulfill their sickening agenda, Caliphate doctors have given a whole new meaning to the term “playing doctor.”  more

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  1. If we had ONE leader with 1/2 the coconuts of Charles Martel, discussions like this would be considered ridiculous. This poor man must be spinning like a top.

  2. Moslem doctor saved my wife. No shit. Dedicated surgeon. Hospital Chief of Staff. Supremely qualified. Good listener. Recalled his surgical staff on Saturday (or Friday) night after everyone had gone home.

    God bless him, forever.

    Dr. al-Banna. Same name as the guy who started the moslem brotherhood … maybe the same family … I don’t care.

  3. it will be a good day when one of these imams promoting sadistic violence is taken to a public square and cut to pieces for the purpose of demontrating the other blade of the sword

    there will come the day that we must fight fire with fire or expect to continue to lose

  4. Just spent three days in a hospital.

    No choice as to the hospital or the doctors.

    Three name badges with Mohammad on them were a part of the team. Two were doctors. The main one being the trauma doctor. He was a bit of a dick but he was good. The orthopedic surgeon was an all American dream boat for the girls, and not a muslim.

    Also had some guy with a turban on at one point. Indian maybe?

    Only the white nurses didn’t have some odd foreign accent.

    A bizarre experience from start to finish that I don’t wish to repeat. Parts of it were quite trippy.

    By the way, I highly recommend not getting run over completely by car. My friend thought I was dead.

    No way. I still got shit to do.

  5. The character of people is not defined by their religion (or the lack of it) or the color of their skin. There are good people, and there are bad people. I have known good Muslims and I have known bad Christians, and I will take the former over the latter any day.
    If a person’s religion has a Heaven, wouldn’t they want only good people there, regardless of labels? Think about it.

    God (or Allah, whatever) bless your doctor too.

  6. What if one guaranteed way to get into heaven is by killing infidels? Sound familiar?

    As Loretta wrote, “Who do you trust?”

  7. Muslims, do not have the true God. They will not trade allah unless they come to know a greater One.
    Pitbulls as they may be, it is up to Christians to null them, the Word more powerful than the sword, or in their case, scimitar.

  8. I worked around hospitals for 34 years, there are a lot of doctors here who are muslim. Seemed like nice guys who were of good humor, and very skilled. I’ve even had co-workers shuss me, when I told some version of the muslin and cowboy joke too loud. Concerned I would be overheard, and it cause a problem for us or our employer.

    I might trust them to do my surgery or other medical procedure, (if I had health insurance, thanks to Obama’s jack up the premium cost sky high care, I don’t) .

    I wouldn’t be surprised if it isn’t a sure bet that some of them are secret jihadist, just waiting for the go command. I wouldn’t trust them outside the hospital. Especially the ones who are profiled in the local newspaper wherein they talk up the importance to them of their muslim faith. Which a local cardiologists did a few years back. I have no idea if the sob is still in the area. Hope he’s gone.

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