Sally Yates, Her Memo, and The Abuse of DoJ Power


You remember Sally Yates, she’s the Obama holdover in the Justice Department who got fired for disobeying her new boss. She’s going to be in the news again tomorrow when she testifies before Senate Judiciary Committee on Michael Flynn.

Turns out Yates’ reputation for causing a stir goes back a few years to what is known as the “Yates’ Memo.” Issued September 2015, it basically directs federal prosecutors who are pursuing corporate wrongdoing to target and bring criminal cases against the executives of these firms.

The DoJ had what it must have thought was its showcase for their new approach when they went after Vascular Solutions, Inc. of Maple Grove, MN and by extension their CEO Howard Root. Turns out it was a classic case of false prosecution and abuse of power.

The indictment against Vascular Solutions Here

The Yates’ memo and the American Bar Association interpretation Here

The Vascular Solutions trial verdict Here

While there is nowhere for Howard Root to go to regain his reputation, he can at least tell the public about his ordeal. And if you’re in the Minneapolis area on the 12th you can listen to his story.


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  1. He has been on the local talk shows fairly often talking about the ordeal he has been through. The last time I heard him talking about this, he said that after all that happened he decided to sell his company. That made me really mad, then sad for him. The government cost him millions of dollars and the loss of the company he built.

    He said something that just caused my blood pressure to spike – he said that they just wanted him in jail. That was their goal.

    I said a few bad words and by the time I got to work that morning, the inside of my car melted!


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