Salon: “Still hate Hillary? Get Over it”

I’m going to credit this one as a reaction to the perceived existential risk to the democrat party represented by Virginia that anyone could take such an inverted view of reality. Here

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  1. Has Hillary changed her ways, and come clean about all the shenanigans from the past?
    If not, why would we change the way we view her?

  2. It’s nice that they have “Salon” at the top, saves me some time.

    And nice try, trying to make Hillary relevant again. With the shitstorm of events going on now, who is thinking about that skank?

    This is just another dig at propriety, rubbing our noses in the fact that this sorry excuse for a human being broke every law in the book, was neck deep in criminality and had a not insignificant part in bringing Trump down with her made up phony Steele dossier, and she is still walking and breathing, untouched and immune from legal consequences.

  3. No, I’m good.
    I’ll hate the bitch even when her lecherous husband dies.
    I’ll hate the cunt when she dies.
    I’ll hate the harridan on my deathbed.
    I’ll smile in heaven knowing that evil whore is burning in hell!

  4. If that writer would take Hillary’s dick out of his mouth for a minute and take a look around he’d probably hate her too.

  5. Wow, the TDS is front and center in that commentary.

    For the most part, I am ambivalent on whether Trump should run in 2024, but when I read libtard vomit like that I say, “Run Trump Run!” The thought of the exploding libtard heads if he does run is almost better than sex.

  6. At least on the laptop the cat bite thing is in a window that doesn’t devour the entire screen and prevent commenting.

  7. PHenry, it pops up twice on my Android based Kindle.

  8. These people are just as easy to live with productively as the Gestapo and the Kempeitai – and should be treated the same way.

  9. Nope sorry…. I will continue to Hate her wrinkly face! I’d pay good money to push her down a flight of stairs!

  10. He’s right. For all the wrong reasons. (To be expected from an en-titled who can’t peek over the top of The Bell Curve, no matter how many shibboleths he stands on.) But, still, right.

    How many lampposts have the “basket of deplorables” decorated during Bad Orange Man’s term? How many after the election was canceled, and they were told to suck it!? How many after he betrayed them for pay?

    How many “no go zones” have THEY claimed? During Bad Orange Man’s rule? During the extra-judicial cancellation? After?

    What of their guns have been used, when their bibles were canceled, by pedotrannies pretending to be askeert of the flu?

    They’re worse than wastes of flesh. Worse than lives unworthy of life. Were they to all die, en masse, they’d pollute the place worse than Saint Greta’s nightmares. Yet, while they live, they do magnitudes more damage.

    Were <strike>President</strike>Minister Hillary to “send them to the camps”, they’d be no less deplorable. But, at least, they’d be out of the way.

  11. !!!!…!!!!…!!!! Yikes! I read two thirds of it, puked up my milk and crackers, ate ‘em back down. Genuinely deplorable.

  12. Thanks, CT Ginger!

    I’ll get over it when…

    …she draws her last breath? Nope.
    …her bones have turned to dust? Nope.
    …when eons have buried her grave with sedimentary rock? Nope.
    …when the Sun turns into a red giant and swallows the Earth? Nope.
    …when all the stars have become white dwarfs? Nope.

    …when all the protons in the Universe have decayed into gamma rays? (at least 10⁸⁰ years)



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