San Fran Reporters Doing Story on Murder Have Their Cameras Robbed

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  1. Inquiring minds want to know:
    homos, trannies,
    no hablos or “mischevious yoots”?!

  2. Then as the robbers ran away, the news crew pulled out their concealed carry weapons and ended the robbery and robbers for good.
    The End

  3. “Concealed carry”.
    In California…in San Francisco.
    You velly funny guy.

  4. They were covering a story about Francisco Sanchez
    walking up to a random white girl and shooting her in the chest in front of her father. No word on weather or not Sanchez is here legally, but he has a record they won’t disclose. That can’t prove Trump is right until they finish destroying him.

  5. (Regrets to Tony Bennet – but not many)

    I left my camera, wallet, purse, smart phone, house/car keys & bag of weed in San Francisco
    High on a crack fill, it calls to me
    To be where little commissars, crawl halfway out of bars
    The morning urine smell will scent the air, I don’t care

    My queer waits there, in San Francisco
    Above the flue of windy pee
    When I come home to you, San Francisco
    Your molten cross buns will whine for me

    I remember when California was truly The Golden State. All it is now is the Stolen State.

  6. Deported 5 fucking times, SF refused to notify ICE.

    This young lady would be alive today.

    Thank you SF for keeping everyone safe. Put that in your crack pipes and smoke it, you fucking morons.

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