San Francisco Restaurants Adding “Climate Change” Surcharge to Bill

The surcharges will be “optional.”
But no pressure, right?

Legal Insurrection: Despite its reputation as a tourist draw, San Francisco saw more than 400 restaurants closed during 2019.

In 2019, many business owners found it too challenging to run their restaurants in a high-priced city. According to data gathered by Yelp, San Francisco had 411 restaurant closures between Jan. 1 and Oct. 31. In that time, some of the notable closures included Plouf, Rosamunde Sausage Grill, Dosa, and Famerbrown, which had 14 to 23 years in service. The elegant Jardinière, which opened in 1997 by chef-owner Traci Des Jardins, also bid farewell after 21 years.

…A special hearing at City Hall brought together 41 restaurateurs who shared their complaints to San Francisco supervisors over various issues that have plagued the restaurant industry. The labor shortage, maintenance costs and high rent were among the topics raised.

“Those types of fees have continued to put a lot of strain and pressure on industries where we just don’t have any margin,” Laurie Thomas, owner of restaurants Terzo, Rose’s Café, and a member of the board of directors at the Golden Gate Restaurant Association, told SFGATE. “We’re not like software, restaurants are different. We’re lucky if we keep 3 to 5 percent at the end of the day.”

Well, it turns out that there may soon be another reason for diners to reconsider their eating options. Some restaurants are adding a “climate change” surcharge to the bill. read more

26 Comments on San Francisco Restaurants Adding “Climate Change” Surcharge to Bill

  1. “1% for Climate Change? No problemo! And I’ll just tip you 14%, you supercilious self-righteous schmuck.”

  2. TDS-afflicted wife told me yesterday that they finally caught a serial parking lot pooper in Cincinnati.

    My response: Heck, that’s a way of life in San Francisco.


  3. @ Tony R JANUARY 27, 2020 AT 11:04 AM

    Luca Deli in the Marina Dist has the best sandwiches & ravioli ever – I order ravioli and have it shipped. I really miss their sandwiches.

    Marco Polo Italian Ice Cream – none better

    Cafe Tiramisu in Belden Alley was absolutely spectacular. Haven’t been in SF for a decade though.

    My brother and my niece went to school there. I used to visit three or four times/year. Stayed in the Holiday Inn on Van Ness & California Ave.

  4. Climate change is such a serious problem in SF it’s forcing people to abandon their homes to shit and shoot up in the streets.

    Which brings up an interesting thought. Why are there streets in SF at all? Get rid of the streets you get rid of homeless and climate change.

    Ohhhh, businesses rely on climate changing vehicles to patronize? I apologize!

  5. @JDHasty
    JANUARY 27, 2020 AT 11:25 AM

    My father-in-law was born in SF. The last time we visited there was about 25 years ago. Took the BART from Concord. Walked out on Market St., took one look around at the homeless filth, turned around, got back on BART and rode back to Concord. Never went back. Portland has nice restaurants too, but I avoid downtown PDX too.

  6. So where does the money from the “climate change surcharge” end up?

    Does Al Gore get it?
    Jarrett and Axelrod?

    Or does it just get quietly pocketed?
    Another day; another scam.

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. Do I get to put in an order for the climate I would like if I’m being made to pay for it?
    I’ll have a small plate of San Diego weather for a few days here in Minnesota this January.

  8. That was the one thing that made SF desirable to live in. The good food available for any pocketbook.

    400 gone in a year. A bit staggering really.

    That’s a big chunk of culture they just flushed down the toilet and onto the street.

  9. Here a real problem I have with San Fran:

    I like watching football.

    The 49ers are a team of good players but I can’t forgive them for the forum they allowed for that washed up asshole Colin Crap-on-Dick

    Is it more of an embarrassment to Crap-on-Dick if they win the Superbowl without him OR is it better if the gutless ownership losses?

    I’m not a KC fan as either as my favorite team is TOM BRADY’S Patriots. ( big fans of Trump)

    Any opinions???


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