40 of the most valuable record covers

How many do you recognize? How many did you own?

And before you get too excited about its value, there are caveats. Catalog numbers and unique printings raise their value.

20 Comments on 40 of the most valuable record covers

  1. We have a good collection of what we like but #40 is the only one of these we own. Seriously doubt it has $1000 value. Interesting list.

  2. My dad had the Miles Davis album. I need to check mom’s basement to see if she still has it (she hated that one!). My early Beatles albums are not the British editions, but I’ll look for the number on The White Album.

  3. @jclady your dad had Miles Davis. My older brother had Buddy Miles, Expressway to Your Skull. I loved listening to Buddy Miles. Both music artists names included Miles, both extremely talented. LP’s and 45 rpm’s, those were the good days. 🙂

  4. Do you really want to know? Ken Starr is too boring to watch right now anyway.
    I’ve seen many of these albums.
    Had Abbey Road (but not the import)
    Miles, but on CD
    Was bandmate and roommate of the guy who went on to be Olivia Newton John’s bass player for several years.
    He might have been bored playing simple music like that, but apparently, Olivia treated her musicians well.

    Okay, Ken Starr, that’s enough.

  5. Oh Yeah, Them Changes by Buddy Miles?
    Played that too many times…his version and the King Curtis version which Tom Scott recorded too.

  6. I have the #40 Led Zep, the Abby Road (but probably not the UK release), and the White Album (need to pull it out and look at the s/n).
    Vinyl. Them were the days………..


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