11 Kids in Socialist Utopia Venezuela Burned to Death While Searching For Food

BFD: Much has been written about the endemic food shortages in Venezuela. It seems to be almost a goal for these Socialist Utopia to ensure there is no food for their people. If people are starving, of course, they are far easier to control.

But with starvation comes desperation, and with desperation, comes tragedy.

Pluralist reports the plight of eleven young people who have been burned to death while foraging for food.

It seems that the teenagers have figured out that when local farmers burn off their cane crops to clear the land after harvest, rabbits that had been living in those fields will run to escape the flames and the kids can chase and catch them, providing much-needed food for their families.

There is some suggestion that the fires may have been started deliberately by foragers in an attempt to find food this way. read more

7 Comments on 11 Kids in Socialist Utopia Venezuela Burned to Death While Searching For Food

  1. Bernie’s vision for America. But shitty healthcare and shitty education will be free. All the jobs will be filled with illegal emigrants.(Undocumented Democrats)

  2. Send those kids to my fishing camp. My Belgian Malinois cannot catch the little furry rodent that visits our backyard and eats our plants. Maybe starving Venezuelan kids will do a better job.

  3. But when I watched the latest season of Jack Ryan on Netflix, the el Presidente of Venezuela was a RIGHT-wing dictator. Tom Clancy must be spinning.

  4. Yeah, rabbits. Sugar cane fields and rats are much more common. Mothers don’t want to think their sons died chasing rats.

    The irony in Venezuela is that Guaido is a Socialist. He is supported because the people still dream that the government will make their lives a paradise. Maduro is unpopular because he ran out of money.

    When I took a Marxism Capitalism class in college, the professor asked, “What is the fundamental basis of Capitalism”? After a long silence from the class, I answered, “Greed”. That was the correct answer. It was not a condemnation. It is why it works so well.

    My thought back then was that socialism fails because it assumes is can force people to be egalitarian. After decades more of observation, I find myself saying that the fundamental basis of Marxism/Socialism is also greed. The difference is in the mechanisms used to satisfy that greed.

    If Maduro was really so unpopular, he could not remain in power, however, as long as there are enough people who rely on the State to satisfy their greed, he never passes the tipping point of unpopularity. When Maduro is gone, those same people will elect someone else who will give them free stuff.


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