poop patrol employee

Breitbart CA –

San Francisco’s streets are being transformed into one big toilet bowl and the city’s officials are responding by increasing the number of “poop patrols.”

“It’s getting worse, and people are tolerating it,” Joe D’Alessandro, who heads San Francisco Travel, told the San Francisco Chronicle. “People come here thinking of this as the center of innovation and entrepreneurship, and they see a street scene that looks like something out of a Third World country.”



  1. I can’t possibly be the only one here who laughed out loud at this article.

    Can’t wait for it to get worse!

  2. I’m sure there are abundant people in Frisco (they hate it when you call it that) intimately familiar with handling piss and poop.

  3. Ah, liberals. Your ideas have made this country so much better, our cities so much cleaner, our family structure so much stronger, our politicians so much more honest and our standard of living so much higher.

    Wait, what’s that smell?

  4. “Shovel Ready Jobs” –
    Obama’s economic plan is working.
    Now if we could get everybody to shit in the street, unemployment would be solved.

  5. Sounds like people are leaving more then their hearts in San Francisco. I’ve been fortunate enough to visit the city a few time between 10 and 20 years ago. You could see the rot starting to set in even back then and I’m not talking about hippies and the like but about the lefties (including the LGBT, Illegal Immigrants, Socialists etc) in control and starting to turn this once proud and gorgeous melting pot city that was great fun to visit into a politically correct mecca for the progressives. I’m not sure if it’s too late for Frisco as well as California.

  6. Remember when “girl next door” Doris Day used to have her show opening with all the scenery of San Fran, the cable cars and the Golden Gate. Yeah, those were San Fran’s golden years.

  7. With all the ass poking going on there that destroys the sphincter muscle it’s no wonder the shit is uncontrollably running down their stockings.

  8. Playing with poop is now constitutionally protected and fawned over by the biggest US corporations (and by Half-black Sambo)! They love poop and they love the assholes (literally) it plopped out of!

  9. I can just hear Tony Bennett (Or is it Mel Torme?).
    “I left my shhhhhiiiiit, In San Franciscooooooo. . . .”

  10. A city famous for guys sticking their Dicks in each others asses, now an epidemic of people shitting in the streets. Great job progressives.

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