Levin calls Bush & O’Reilly out on Birthright Citizenship

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[…] Bush will continue to pander to illegal alien voting blocs with his blarney on birthright citizenship under the 14th amendment, and O’Reilly will continue to hide propaganda in his nightly 8 p.m. bloviating.

Meanwhile, by dodging his challenge for debate, Jeb Bush and Bill O’Reilly prove Levin’s point.
More @ Canada Free Press.


2 Comments on Levin calls Bush & O’Reilly out on Birthright Citizenship

  1. The Left ignores anything that doesn’t fit their worldview unless the source is unimpeachable. Levin doesn’t suffer fools and is without a doubt one of, if not, THE foremost expert on Constitutional Law. The Left doesn’t want the rest of the country to hear from Levin, but I don’t think they’ll be successful.

    Dershowitz either since he used to be one of the Left’s darlings since the OJ Trial, but since he’s on to Obama, he’s speaking out and has to be left in obscurity. They’re doing their best to ignore him, but he has a new book out about the insanity of Barry’s Iran deal.

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