Sanders Doesn’t Know How Much His Pie in the Sky Costs

He’s admitted to not caring how much his Utopia would cost, because… he’s an idiot.

Why not “free” everything?

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  1. All goes back to the Democrats “You have to pass it to … ” philosophy of legislation.

    ‘You have to pass it to find out how much it costs’ this time around.

    AT least he’s being honest about it and not claiming some ridiculously false low cost to make it seem like an attractive idea the way Obama did with Obamacare.

  2. It figures a guy that got booted out of a commune when he was younger, because he refused to contribute, landed as a career civil servant. Now he owns several expensive Eurotrash cars and a couple mansions. The thought process of “I don’t know shit, about Shit, so I think I’ll run for President” describes most politicians.

  3. All anyone with an IQ well over 60 has to do is simply consider whut’s gonna happen when you put a Life-Long, worthless, angry Federal Tit-Sucking Communist Parasite in charge!

  4. Yes Brad, it is obvious that these poliTICKS are not our best and brightest. Have to admit that they ARE good at finding money for themselves, though. “Civil servants” ??? Not so much.

  5. It’s pointless for him to do the math on promises he doesn’t plan to keep. People keep forgetting how communism works.

  6. The far left are the ones pushing socialism which is the heart of communism and they accuse Trump of colluding with the Russians who they themselves are obviously trying to emulate. No wonder they are confused, they confuse the heck out of me.

  7. My mid-20s son has a very good lifelong friend raised in an ultra-Conservative Ohio family, He’s 6 months away from being a medical doctor. He is clean cut, handsome, well spoken, thoughtful, Catholic mid-western All American Bernie Sanders supporter. WTF? IDK if it’s the potential for all his student loan debt to be erased because nothing else makes sense. If the rest of us didn’t have to get screwed, I would love for him to become a Doctor of the State and spend the rest of his life with all his intelligence and good common sense and extensive duration being a slave to the dredges of society making shit money because he voted for a commie.

  8. Bad_Brad

    “The thought process of “I don’t know shit, about Shit, so I think I’ll run for President” describes most politicians.“

    So true. But they all think they know better than the lowly American citizens and that without their “do as I say not as I do “ proposals we will all perish

  9. It’s pretty simple to figure out how much it’s going to cost.

    Everything. It will cost us everything.

    At the height of the hysteria there will be daily rations to support individuals. This number is the impossible part to figure out since Bernie has yet to determine how many groupies he requires. Most important thing however isn’t the money, it’s the term limits. Not term limits on politicians, silly, term limits on common people. Bernie will cut you off at a certain age and the debate in future years will be the rate of lowering that age. To hedge against an accelerated rate, non-believers (you and me) will be terminated immediately. The upside is healthcare cost should eventually reach zero since there’s no use keeping unhealthy individuals around, dragging the healthy down with them. Education as well, Bernie on your TeeVee would be the only education.

    Then take the everything figure mentioned above and multiply it by 10. Because Bernie + progressives + government + socialism.

    Don’t try to be a prepper by growing your own food, hoarding resources, or defending your property. You’ll be the very first people culled, socialism needs your things more than you do.

    Best course of action under a Bernie regime is to be thankful for a Bernie regime. Hang pictures of Bernie in every room and worship him. Don’t question finances, or anything for that matter. Know only one thing: full and undivided support for Bernie over your family and everything that currently means something to you.

  10. That worthless turd hasn’t done an honest day’s work in his miserable life. Everything he touches turns to shit, his wife and daughter are frigging crooks, and all he does is promise free shit, paid for by the people who do work.
    I bet even Lenin and Stalin would send him off to the Gulags.

  11. Fed Up

    I’ve read several times that one of the major differences between Libtards and Conservatives is that a Conservative will actually take the time to question their own ability

  12. Here’s another reason nobody can tell you how much that sky pie will cost: if actually enacted, the prog’s agenda will do catastrophic damage to the value of the dollar, but exactly how catastrophic is unknowable.

  13. Socialists don’t “believe” in money – thus, the “cost” of anything is phantasmagoric – meaningless.

    BS isn’t being disingenuous – he has NO IDEA what his imbecilities would “cost” because it doesn’t behoove him to attempt to put a price on Utopia. As long as he’s on the top of the heap and calling the tune to make the puppets dance, it is enough. Same as with every other socialist tyrant throughout History. Not a single socialist in History has ever given a fuck about the peasants socialism has enslaved – and NO socialist is going to start now – whether BS, Fauxahontas, Klobuchar, Butterbutt, Biden, Clinton, Obola, Yang, Steyer, Romney, Collins, Murkowski, or Bloomberg.

    izlamo delenda est …

  14. Bernie isnt paying for it — you are. He doesnt care how much it costs. Bernie is a parasite lifer who has never learned to balance his checkbook

  15. The real goal here is to disarm us and keep people stupid. At some point there’s going to be a very painful reset of the dollar and they want to be in charge when it does.


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