Sanders- “I support Israel, but let’s give Israeli Aid to Palestinians in Gaza”


Sanders, who has embraced notorious anti-Israel Linda Sarsour as an advocate for his campaign, said audaciously, “I am very proud to be Jewish and look forward to being the first Jewish president. I spent many months on a kibbutz in Israel. I believe absolutely not only in the right of Israel to exist but the right to exist in peace and security. That’s not a question. But what I also believe is the Palestinian people have a right to live in peace and security as well. It is not anti-Semitism to say that Netanyahu’s government has been racist.”

Sanders pilloried President Trump and Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as he said venomously, “You’re looking at leaders, one is going to be impeached, the other one may end up in jail, so I don’t know how much credibility they have, actually in terms of integrity.”


16 Comments on Sanders- “I support Israel, but let’s give Israeli Aid to Palestinians in Gaza”

  1. Bernie is a moron.

    If the Palestinians want to live in peace, all they need to do is stop attacking Jews in Israel.

    However, that won’t happen for religious and monetary reasons. The Palestinian Authorities would lose their power and the accompanying gravy train if they made peace. The more orthodox Muslims among them see subjugation of the infidels, or if that’s not possible, their extermination, a religious duty.

  2. Bernie, whats with this ‘but lets’ shit about? Don’t pull me into your pandering.
    As long as it’s not your money, you are very proud to be Jewish.

  3. The old Mad Hatter lived on a kibbutz for one day until he found out that they expected him to work then he said “I’m outta here and moving to Russia where everything is free”!

  4. The area was first inhabited by one of Noah’s sons after the flood. There were no Palestinians, or any body else around for that matter.

  5. Sanders’ whole career has been a scam, much like John kerry’s: sanders sits back as the malignant contrarian, never contributing a thing, just taking, poisoning and self aggrandizing.

    No wonder Miss Pig Ebola (tlaib) endorsed him.

  6. Evidently this old, Commie asshole conveniently forgot about what the Palistinian locusts did to Gaza when the Israelis GAVE it to them! Instead of making good use of well developed facilities these savages simply looted the place and destroyed the green houses!! You DON”T give aid to people like that!!

  7. Faux Jew.
    The only ‘real’ Judaism in him is the barely there percentage of it in his bloodline.

    Traitor to his own people. Just gross.

  8. It will be an irony beyond all ironies if the liberal Jews in America are the cause of Israel’s decline and extinction. That will be the true catastrophe.

    Unfortunately, they will not and cannot ever blame themselves.


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