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Sanders/Liawatha 2016?

elizabeth warren

Legal Insurrection:

In what would be a dream ticket for some and a nightmare to others, Bernie Sanders has been dropping some not-so-subtle hints that he would select Elizabeth Warren as his running mate.

This would be a smart move on Bernie’s part. He has been functioning as a stand-in for Warren and derives support from her wing of the Democratic Party. The left would be electrified.

The rest of the country would be horrified as these two Neo-Marxists traveled the land promising to take wealth from some and give to others.


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  1. I live in a very small frontier community in the west. Imagine my horror when I saw a Bernie Sanders campaign bus parked on Main Street as I went home for lunch! Talk about an appetite depressant. Flipped it the bird on my way past.

  2. Talk about parties getting gutted. This combo would tear a hole through the Dems that would take a generation of indoctrination to recover from.

    Feel the Bern, Be Warned

  3. Worthless as an add-on to Bernie…
    DANGEROUS as one to Hillary.

    Let’s pray for indictment…WITHOUT pardon or other shenanigans (but I’m realistic…)

  4. This one should definitely be denied the right to bare arms.. . or legs. . . or belly. . . face. . . but. . .well, you get the picture (now keep that picture to yourself).

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