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Gallop Finds Few Like Either Party

With Republicans barely trending above their lowest level, those willing to identify as Democrat are getting scarcer as well.  Only Independents have been gaining more voters leading into this year’s election cycle, hitting all time highs.



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  1. The two halves of the Uniparty are a morass of fuckery. We already have enough laws that not one person knows them all. They don’t bother to read what they vote for and readily admit such. And they damn sure didn’t write the bills, K street did that.

    Our entire federal government is a RICO scam.

  2. The only problem is the GOPERS at places like NRO insist that “independents” are really on the left, therefore the GOP needs to keep chasing them further and further to the left.

    Not true, of course, but it’s another excuse they use.

  3. Just remember that both the Rino’s and Demorats are delighted when you change your affiliation to independent because then you CAN’T vote in many of the upcoming primary’s.

    This is their ONLY hope for getting their win-win election; Cankels and Jeb on the ticket in November.

    Vote for Trump or Cruz or whoever in the primary before you change your status to independent! And then let’s destroy the kingmakers once and for all.

  4. Bolshevik, Menshevik … ehh?
    Blackshirts, Brownshirts … ehh?

    Let’s get some Americans back in the game!

    Oust these filthy, grifting, lying, stealing, murdering, hypocritical National and Inter-National Socialist opportunists and put some Americans back in.

  5. You see what Cruz and Trump have already done to the brand of the “Grand Old Party”?
    If Bernie Sanders gets elected (and we pay his entire way through 8 years of more Marxist revolution) its the fault of the retarded electorate!! You deserve it!

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