Santino William Legan – Garlic festival shooter



  1. (in Latin America) a man of mixed race, especially one having Spanish and indigenous descent.

-Legan, Who Identifies as Being of Italian & Iranian Descent, Posted on Instagram Before the Shooting. The Account Was Removed But Heavy Obtained Screenshots

-Legan’s Grandfather Tom Legan, a West Point Graduate, Was the Santa Clara County Supervisor. He Was Accused & Acquitted of Sexually Assaulting His Daughter. Legan’s Brother is a Noted Boxer

-Witnesses Say They Heard Dozens of Shots & Reported Seeing a Gunman in Camouflage Armed With a Long Rifle

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  1. The police are looking for a second suspect. Someone replied to his instagram post about getting wasted and shooting up the garlic festival.

  2. Right, Gladys. And the Police Academy washout also said he was in his thirties. From the pic, he looks to be about David Hogg’s age.

  3. Even though he was illegally in possession of the weapon used, watch the leftest twatwaffles blame the NRA!

  4. Oh an antisemite, too. Does he have Omar and Tlaib on speed dial?
    Don’t forget that Nazis team up with muslims whenever it’s convenient.
    Sounds like he’s a doper, too.
    What could go wrong?

  5. Let’s see… Too young to buy an assault rifle in Kali… Waiting period, background check, background check to buy ammo, no interstate trade in ammo allowed, separate locked & inaccessible requirement in transport… Oh, and the big one, killing people is illegal.

    Clearly another law will put a stop to this.

  6. Santino William Legan … hmmmm … sounds like Beano Francis O’Rourke?

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. The ammo he used is shown in the diagram of the article
    “Gun Thread: The Week After Last Week [Weasel] —Open Blogger”
    over at


  8. Hey OTD, I happen to be the AMERICAN child of a Persian ZOROASTRIAN mother and an WWII AMERICAN Christian veteran officer father . I am a very moral conservative Christian person who considers herself to be white. Wanna tell me again that I’m a Muslim terrorist ? You sound like a typical ignorant judgemental libtard.
    Have a nice day😏

  9. The little beard always requires a second look for “ideology”.

    Also, where’s the inquiry into what psych meds he was on.

  10. My bet: abused as a child, been seeing a shrink for years, his SSRI meds recently changed or dosage modified. “Typical white guy” NOT.

  11. They claim he is a right winger because he referenced a book called ” Might Is Right” by Ragnar Redbeard. (redbeard was a socialist) This is a an anti-Christian book. So anti-Christian that it was included in the satanic-bible. If anything, this guy is more associated with Antifa than us.

  12. It was an automatic assault gun with a bump stock, a stabilizer, a sound barrier muffler, and a thing that sticks up or out? Got it?

  13. Technically Italians are Latin, so he’s not white at all. He’s a non anglo mixed race.
    Try explaining that to the press.

  14. Sandra Breyer, there was a time in the USA when people of Italian decent (dago guinea WOPs) were not considered “white.” Just ask the Italian-American Anti-defamation League.

  15. Unless the kid is Pro Trump I expect this to go in the memory hole not as fast as the gender confused on meds & pot and atheist friend on drugs shooters who shot up that school in Highlands Ranch Colorado but faster than the Los Vegas Shooter.

    If CNN wanted to dig and stretch they could point to the historical fact that “Iran” in Persian translates to “Aryan” so, that must mean the kid is a white power nut. Like I said- it’s a stretch but less of a stretch than Russia, Russia, Russia & ‘it’s Muller Time’.

  16. Deadly leftist tools are represented by all ethnicities. The etnicity of indoctrinated, leftist, nutcase shooters is becoming irrelevant at this point. They all have one thing in common – they’re Democrats. Their individual leftist ideologies are supported by Democrat policies. Still, leftist media will create a white male, Christian, “alt-right” straw man everytime there’s a mass shooting.

  17. Media: “We have breaking news that there has been a mass shooting involving a pro-Trump, MAGA-hat-wearing White Man. The identity of this pro-Trump racist white man is not known at this time, but as soon as we know more about this pro-Trump bigot, we will… just a moment, folks… I’ve just received word that the shooter has been identified… with more on this story, here’s Ollie Johnson with your AccuWeather forecast.”

  18. andoneinthechamber, my Vietnamese wife thinks all leftist evil in America is from the CHINESE!!! She even thinks Hillary was paid off by the ChiComs.

  19. Back when my mother and father married, and my grandmother and step-grandfather married, they were looked down on in the Polish community from which they came. My father was from Rome, my step-GF was from Sicily. My mom told me people thought of whites marrying Italians as marrying out of their race.
    My thought then and now – so?

  20. There’s too much racial animosity getting stirred up in this thread. Seriously, can’t we all just get along? We have more in common than separates us and that goes for every single one of us regardless of your race, color or creed, including you wops.

  21. Disinfo comments are meant to obstruct asking legit questions and posting possibly incriminating info. Like how much is the FBI (CIA) involved in this incident. They are known for setting up patsies and even supplying bombs and weapons. Also 666 days since the Las Vegas shooting? Alleged friends can be the worst enemies. What is the agenda planned for after this crime in a weapons-free zone?

    The FBI Allowed the 1993 WTC Bombing to Happen

    Immoral patsy – How the FBI groomed mentally disabled teen with a 51 IQ into an “ISIS terrorist”
    By ◊ – December 30, 2015
    By William N. Grigg
    “The FBI employs a large number of agents who specialize in talent-scouting marginalized and emotionally troubled young men and – using skills similar to other child predators – luring them into pre-scripted “terrorism plots.””

  22. So if we don’t like Iranians, we are racists, but if Iranians do something heinous,they are white? I’m so confused.

  23. This POS posted stuff on Instagram that might give us some insight as to who and what he was, but his account was”removed” after the shooting. By whom? It wasn’t by the perp, so who removed it and why? What are they hiding?

  24. Tony R JULY 29, 2019 AT 6:22 PM

    …his account was”removed” after the shooting.

    …It wasn’t by the perp, so who removed it and why?

    In all fairness, if I were the defense attorney, I would ask for all of this to be removed so as not to influence some future jury pool.

    Not saying that was done. Just saying there can be a legit reason.


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