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Sarah Palin: ‘Diabolical’ Treatment of Alfie Evans Shows Our Future if We Ignore ‘Death Panels’ Warning

Breitbart: Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin warned that the “diabolical” and “heartbreaking” treatment of the 23-month-old British baby Alfie Evans is an example of the “death panel”-like decisions Americans can expect under a fully “socialized rationed healthcare” system.

In a Thursday interview on Breitbart News Tonight with SiriusXM hosts Rebecca Mansour and Joel Pollak, Palin cautioned that “this type of rationed healthcare controlled by government bureaucrats and politicians” is “the road we’re on” if the United States continues down the path towards a totally government-controlled socialized healthcare system.

Alfie Evans is a critically ill toddler who was recently removed from life support against the wishes of his parents by order of the British government, following a United Kingdom High Court decision on April 11. British authorities also denied the parents’ request to transfer their child to a Vatican-owned children’s hospital for treatment at the invitation of Pope Francis and Vatican officials who offered to cover the child’s healthcare and travel expenses.   read more

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  1. “The line of defense to insure the death of an infant. I sure as hell am glad my father who fought to protect these assholes in WWII is around to watch this circus. What a waste of American lives to see that country turn out Communist anyway.

  2. How pathetic they wouldn’t protect their own women and children like this!!! UK “men” should be ashamed to show their faces this little boy dies when he didn’t have to!

  3. @Larry The Liberal: It pains me to agree with you on this point, but yes – quality of life matters. But shouldn’t the parents be allowed to seek a possible cure for the child if one is available? As long as they don’t get obsessive about it as Terri Schiavo’s parents did, why not let them try? There’s plenty of time to let the child go into that good night if all else fails.

    Ever been a parent, Larry?

  4. I simply don’t understand why the British government feels the need to get in the way of a family’s desire to take their child elsewhere for treatment. It makes no sense. It doesn’t cost them a nickel to simply be gracious and compassionate about it and let them take their child. This is sick.

  5. She was right 12 years ago (regardless of what GWB said!); she is right today and she will be right next year!

  6. @Larry the Liberal WADR
    Lazlo posits that quality of life also applies to the Parents
    How can they face their own future not knowing they did everything they could to save their boy?
    Its the demanded obeisance to the all knowing, all powerful State that sticks in my craw.

  7. @AngusRancher – If Britain’s Prince William and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, gave birth to a ‘Prince Alfie’, would he be alive today?

  8. Three words for Larry the Pederast: Setting. A. Precedent. (Three more just about you: Shit. For. Brains)

  9. @Larry the Lib:

    That beautiful little baby boy sure didn’t get much quality, did he? He DIED! And he didn’t have to!

    @GoneDaddy: I’ve already buried a couple of mine….”lost them fishing, officer, honest!”!

  10. What the government can give you they can take away. Only slaves get free stuff. There is no justification for a government to dictate where your child dies or where you can take your child on your own dime for healthcare.

  11. “..if the United States continues down the path towards a totally government-controlled”..everything. Not just health care.

    Progs believe it all should be provided by the government.

    When people cede control of everything to the government, the government becomes the only arbiter of everything. It then owns the decision-making process, as well as the enforcement thereof. Figure it out, people.

  12. Larry The Liberal April 28, 2018 at 1:47 am

    >I have but three words for all of you. Quality. Of. Life.

    Everybody’s quality of life decreases at some point. Should you be lying in bed, suffering from dementia, and can’t take care of yourself, do you want the state to make the decision to kill you?

    Being a liberal, you are no doubt OK with that.

  13. The UK government/health system wanted Alfie dead before he became 2 yrs. old. A vaccine damaged baby is not eligible for monetary apology until age 2.
    “UNDENIABLE FACT: The British government really does not pay out if the kid dies before age 2, and for Alfie, age 2 was coming up in 14 days.”

    “Alfie Evans was born perfectly normal, and got his condition at a year old, after receiving six vaccines in one doctor visit. The vaccines triggered an auto immune disorder that caused his immune system to destroy his brain. ”
    “FACT: Vaccines screwed up alfie, caused a brain wasting disorder, (all kids get knocked down by vaccines now, which are eugenics weapons) and the ones who take it worst die like Alfie. Only Alfie did not die from the vaccine itself, he died because they cut off food. They cut off food, because once he hit age 2, he had rights! They could not have that happening.”
    The issue in this case is medical malpractice and that is why the parents of Alfie were NOT allowed to take him out of the country for life-saving treatment in Italy.
    The quotes are from an alternative news site on which the reporting changes along with current events.

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