Satanic Temple Sues Ad Company Over Billboards That Declare Abortion A “Ritual”


The temple has accused Lamar Advertising of religious discrimination for not putting up eight billboards in Arkansas and Indiana that say abortion is a ritual and that its “religious abortion ritual averts many state restrictions.”

The group describes a ritual as a “sacramental act that confirms the right of bodily autonomy.” Performing the ritual means a woman can claim a religious exemptions from mandatory waiting periods, checkups, and counseling require by some states before obtaining an abortion. More

14 Comments on Satanic Temple Sues Ad Company Over Billboards That Declare Abortion A “Ritual”

  1. If someone performing a “ritual” can claim a religious exemption from statutory restrictions, what are we to make of ritual murder, especially as applied to someone ritually murdering a Satanist?

  2. I surprised the satinists didn’t want a billboard denouncing democrats because they might make satinists look bad by association

  3. @ jellybean October 3, 2020 at 8:57 pm
    First amendment…. Freedom to worship….
    Not that I don’t hate the satanic phukcs, but hey! It’s legal.

  4. Anyone who took umbrage at me saying that the progressive movement is totally invested in increasing innocent human suffering, misery and death like to take up that conversation where we left off?

    To concede good intentions to the progressive movement is a fool’s errand. The record of what results whenever and wherever they achieve critical mass is unequivocal and well documented. It is a movement that is home to subhuman pieces of shit who are hostile to The Good.

  5. “A private company can refuse any business it wants. ”

    Actually, it can’t.

    Many government actions and civil lawsuits against businesses have confirmed this over the last few decades, and many businesses have been put out of business for trying to. Government permission is required to refuse business to any of the civil rights protected classes and groups.

  6. Ba’al worship is back in style. When do they start sacrificing virgins and piling up the mountains of heads?


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