Save America Rally with Trump In Cullman, Alabama – IOTW Report

Save America Rally with Trump In Cullman, Alabama

Here’s the link: RSBN Network
Should be starting around 8pm EST.
The line up has started and lots of people are coming in!

22 Comments on Save America Rally with Trump In Cullman, Alabama

  1. Save America will take years and years to retrieve. Our leaders have shot America’s wad, some are in their grave laughing their asses off, and others like Washington, Jefferson – all of our founding fathers are weeping. I feel empty.

    Get the jab meet the slab,,,,,

  2. To save America, start with the boardrooms of the 4th Estate and impale them on poles in the public square.

  3. Tonight the American people need to hear some uplifting word’s. 😉 With a little comedy 😂 thrown in and President Trump will not disappoint.

    What a complete disaster this fraudulent administration has been. 😥😡

    MAGA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  4. @Miss Kitty – especially in contrast to the pussified woke liberal Milley Vanilli we are saddled with now.

    On a separate note, it’s a shame that RSBN is having a difficult time streaming the broadcast without numerous interruptions.

  5. DJT to NOKO little leader: I have a bigger red button than yours, and mine works and yours doesn’t. LOL!!

  6. There’s no way to salvage America as 50 states. It’s over.

    We have to form a new, smaller America, which will DWARF the shithole the larger America has become.

  7. On Biden walking up the AF1 steps: He’s down, now he’s up, he’s down again, now he’s up. No he’s down again. If this were a fight, he’d be out on a TKO.

  8. DJT: Tommy Tuperville, you beat Alabama twice – the only coach to do that – how did you expect to win the state of Alabama for Senate?
    Tommy: Because I gave them Nick Saban!

    LOL! Classic.

  9. DJT: We will defeat woke communism!

    We will not yield, we will not bend, we will not break. We will defeat communism.

  10. The rally just ended, and it was classic Trump. I hope that the lack of comments here is not indicative of the number of iOTW’rs who did not watch it.

  11. It was an amazing speech. I believe that President Trump just pronounced himself the leader of a massive, populist counter-revolution as significant and treacherous as our first revolution.

  12. Watching President Trump rip Xiden and company a new one – especially over the Afghanistan fiasco is encouraging. His rallies are always great.
    Still believe President Trump is God’s choice to restore and lead this country. Never too late with God.


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