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Impeached? After Seeing This I’m Not Thinking Impeachment…

Yes, that is the Taliban mocking us.

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  1. It takes a president that’s a special kind of stupid to give those who have sworn to conquer or kill us the means to do so.

  2. Fortunately for Biden and company, the top echelon of the military is as pathetic as the civilian side. Otherwise I imagine real generals/admirals might be tempted to take Biden and his administration out and call for a new election.

  3. Wow, what an accomplishment – seven months into his p-Residency and he has managed to become the laughing stock of the entire world. It took Obumphuk even longer than that to accomplish that feat. Oblowme must be jealous.

  4. Ok, this might get you bounced from the net but personally speaking, I would not object to glassifying the place. Yeah, lots of people would get killed but our military technology would not fall into China or Russia’s hands. Sorry about the bodies but I they cannot get our information. (Plus it would send a message to the rest of the world).

    After that we need to impeach 46*, Harris the Heiress, Nasty Piglousy, Upchuck Schumer, and any RINO who backed 46* (I’m looking at YOU, Liz Chaney).

  5. Impeachment is too good for him. Draw and quarter him and put Biden’s head on a pike on the Memorial Bridge. And then deal with the line of succession in a similar manner. Harris, Pelosi, etc. they should all get the Mussolini treatment. Tonight.

  6. And nary a drone or cruse missile in sight. The Taliban bosses are having parades up and down the street, and Biden is worried about if it’s real Jello Pudding or not.

  7. Looking forward to the neighbors (Iran, China, Russia, Pakistan) all fighting each other for their chunk of Afghanistan. Hope it comes to blows among all of them.

    You were given a chance to make yourself a nation and you failed Afghanistan, hope you can make of go of being a shithole, because that is your future.

  8. I was already mad about what is happening. That picture turned me to furious. How long are we going to sit on our hands?

  9. I am with you @This Texan. I am unsure of the way forward. I know it will not be drawn and quartered. But for fuck sake….how does this end?

    Not well is my guess.

  10. I feel sick.

    This incompetent career politician has set us up for more and constant terrorism and invasions. 9/11 will look like a picnic compared to what Biden has allowed to happen.

  11. I mean, c’mon. How will this turn out? Another congressional committee? Another FBI sleigh ride down an unending hill?

    That Iwo Jima sent me into a very dark place.

  12. I need to calm down.

    But I can’t.

    Betrayal of putting the people I cherish in harm’s way in my country Is unacceptable.

    I can’t chill about this.
    Nope. This won’t happen on our watch, drool bucket Joe.

    Your evil plans will not come to fruition in my country you commie bastard. Fuck off and die you drooling idiot.

  13. Sorry for the rant. I am at full boil over this.

    Check back with me on Wednesday. I might have calmed down.

    Ya know what I need right now? A rockem sockem Trump rally about now. What? 2 more hours?

  14. He should be court martialed and charged with treason. Those terrorist pieces of scum need the biggest bomb we have dropped on them.

  15. Even if you take Biden out, you haven’t solve a thing.

    It’s the people behind him that is your head.

    You know he isn’t making any decisions on his own. Why act like he is?

    It would be like taking out the outer layer of an onion and thinking you’ve done something about getting rid of the onion

    Everyone thinking Biden is the problem, is part of the problem.

  16. The important thing is that the Democrat party controls the Executive Branch. That means you can impeach Biden, then Harriss, then Hillary, then Nancy .. and it doesnt matter. The Dems can finalize anything the Congress votes on, or stop any law the Republicans can move out of Congress or send out a tsunami of adverse rulings thru the bureaucracy and get more judges seated to corrupt the judiciary

  17. You know where they learned that from?
    CIA trained them.

    And the next time someone tells you we had to go to Afghanistan because Bin Ladin was there and he was Taliban, hit them with a chair.
    Taliban and Bin Ladin were mortal enemies, different tribes, AND Bin Ladin was in Pakistan.

  18. Wait, there’s more.
    Pull our people out.
    Then- Bomb the highways, bomb the rivers connecting them to the Caspian and Arabian seas, bomb the bases, bomb the airport and then GTFO.

  19. “Impeached? After Seeing This I’m Not Thinking Impeachment… ”

    the .MIL community is less than happy. That’s all I’m saying.


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