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Schlafly Gets It


In an exclusive hour-long sit down interview with Breitbart News, 91-year-old conservative icon and living legend Phyllis Schlafly declared that Donald Trump “is the only hope to defeat the Kingmakers,” and detailed why she believes Trump alone will return the government to the people. She warned that if immigration is not stopped: “we’re not going to be America anymore.”


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  1. I love the trump but don’t think for a minute he can substantially reverse the course we are on. he can slow it down but can’t stop it.

    shafly only sees her “msm” career ending and is jumping on the trump band wagon. the msm has jumped the shark and is dying.

    the course we are on will only be rectified by an armed and informed citizenship acting in concert with one another.

  2. The “America First” VS “America Last” comparison is right on target!

    ALSO: “And they’re breaking our bank by bringing them in because they all immediately go on U.S. welfare. And it’s not just welfare– it’s all the associated things. The children go in our schools, and we’ve had to hire all of teachers who speak foreign languages to teach these foreign children– there’s no reason why we we should do that at all. And these commentators who talk about the Constitutional rights of the immigrants– they don’t have any Constitutional rights. They’re not entitled to any U.S. Constitutional rights unless they’re residents in this country, and they’re not.”

  3. Here is something to ponder: I’m a strong Trump supporter but I have a nagging suspicion concerning the RINO controlled congress. Let’s hypothetically (sic) consider Trump winning the general election. You will all recall the Republican rally cry that to stop Obama we needed a majority in the house and then in the Senate. What happened? Obama continued to steamroll right over the top of us and continues to this day. We got Speaker Ryan. What happened? We gave Obama carte blanche. Now lets turn the table on the RINO’s and place Trump in the White House, or Cruz for that matter. Will we see the RINO’s pull out all the stops (power of the purse, etc.) to quench the fire of the will of the people and oppose Trump or Cruz at every turn?

  4. Sure, that’s (a little more than) a possibility,
    but I think a STRONG PRESIDENT
    (be it T or C)
    would properly jackhammer
    both houses of Congress into action,
    particularly if the winner got alot of “crossover,” broad support.

    I think Trump would do a better job of not just shaming Congress but riling up Americans to badger their reps to fall in line (as far as realistically possible), since he’s got that brashness as well as the happy-warrior thing down pat.

  5. In order to critique Trump’s effectiveness properly one has to think way outside the box — way outside the calcified business-as-usual-this-is-how-Washington-works dogma our country has been operating under for at least the last hundred years.

    I am thoroughly convinced that Trump is a paradigm shift in American governance. Yesterday I wrote a comment about Divine intervention. I haven’t grokked the whole of it yet, but look at the timing of Trump’s entrance. One could say it was choreographed. In some ways I want to invoke the story, the example, of the prophet Isaiah. But before anyone says I am casting Trump as a prophet in a league with Isaiah, who was a major prophet, there were many minor prophets, too. And if you know the story of the Old Testament, you know the disappointing and predictable theme of it is people who didn’t believe what they were being told and ended up going their own, unbelieving ways. Today we say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing expecting a different result. Like our Biblical ancestors we are open and quick in offering prayers of deliverance to an omnipotent God, but on the backside, we are chary to believe in that deliverance. What are we expecting from God in response to prayer? Grace comes to us in strange ways sometimes. Sometimes, I think, Grace comes with an interesting hairdo. When we pray for deliverance we must attend to God’s answer. And if Trump declares he will be the best jobs president, for example, “that God ever made!” who am I to scoff at the single-mindedness of a man whose history of real accomplishment is verifiable? And more importantly, who am I to scoff at God who says David wasn’t perfect either.

    We suffer a failure of imagination when we try to force a new (to us) way of thinking into an old paradigm. We have believed that no matter what we do as involved citizens, our best efforts will be thwarted by people who are way more committed to keeping their money-making fiefdoms than we are in stopping them! We’ve been “too busy” and we’ve been overwhelmed by those who want to distract us from simple truths and simple solutions; telling us there are “too many moving parts” and “nuance” and “complexity” to issues that are none of those things. Trump elicits groans and guffaws when he speaks in plain terms about walls and suspending immigration and those who understand him are accused of being stupid. Some of us probably are stupid, but not in ways that affect our ability to hear Trump’s leadership on issues vital to the preservation of our freedoms. Better to be “stupid” as defined by statists than be a sophisticated sheep who is hoping against hope they will be spared in the end.

    If there one thing I’ve learned in trusting God, it is that when he sets to motion an answer to prayer, it can come in any form and His creativity is boundless. I have no doubt that if Trump is an answer to prayer, God will make whatever needs to happen, happen in order for him to be successful.

  6. Who was the last “conservative” president to: 1 sign amnesty 2 sign tax increases and 3 raise deficit spending.

    We’re way past time to be rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

    Time for a second party.

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