School lessons on the Alamo should cut ‘heroic’ description, Texas panel advises


The social studies curriculum for seventh graders in Texas learning about the Alamo could reportedly face some new changes, at least one of which has drawn the ire of the governor.

Removing the word “heroic” to describe those who protected the Alamo was among the items included in a report penned by an advisory panel to the State Board of Education on how to structure the curriculum, Dallas News reported on Friday.

As it stands now, curriculum phrasing of the topic is the “siege of the Alamo and all of the heroic defenders who gave their lives there,” according to the outlet.

However, the word in question was reportedly described as being “value-charged” and the panel has suggested doing away with everything except the “siege of the Alamo.”

Republican Gov. Greg Abbott took a firm stance on the proposition, arguing that the “political correctness in our schools” needed to “stop.” more here

20 Comments on School lessons on the Alamo should cut ‘heroic’ description, Texas panel advises

  1. They fought to the last man against overwhelming numbers waiting for the help to arrive. Absolutely no balls there!

  2. If this change is permitted, in Texas of all places, Texas is lost and gone blue, they just don’t realize it yet. Not good for the future of Texas and the whole nation.

  3. I am so SICK of this bullsh*t “standard” that dictates anything remotely praiseworthy of anything American must be removed – because it offends others, it is “value charged,” whatever.

    This great nation wasn’t built by shrinking violets concerned about how hurt those attacking us might be; they did what was required and we have a duty to remember it. These f***wads are diluting our children’s ability to do their duty, and we simply must not abide that.

  4. Heaven forbid there should be “values” conveyed to people when studying history.

    Liberals are intellectually barren.

  5. Left tards would have opened the Mexicans with open arms, fed them, clothed them and supported them….then wondered why they were going broke

  6. Let’s see if we can help the Texas State Board of Education out of this dilemma. How about the following changes: stubborn defenders; misguided defenders; mostly white, pro-slavery defenders; anti-Mexican assimilation defenders; uppity white American defenders; non-heroic defenders; racist defenders; land grabbing defenders; valueless defenders; suicidal defenders; and so on until all the heroic defenders of the Alamo are reduced to politically correct footnotes. What’s next, statues of Santa Anna replacing those heroes of the Texas Revolution and the Confederacy? This is another skirmish in the War of Liberal Aggression, but with a Mexican slant.

  7. @Rathaus – Absolutely! TU!!

    The Man in a wheel-chair has guts! But I’m afraid that the old Texas spirit will be diluted with the ever-influx flow of Tequila.

  8. Not acceptable to Texans and there will be a fight over it. Patrick Bush wants to change the Alamo by moving the Centograph and making it into a them park. Fighting about that too.

  9. We need a *lot* more home schooling or our oatmeal-brained children will be incapable of….

    …..much of anything, including thought. ….Lady in Red

  10. Maybe the heroic defenders of the Alamo were just premature American Defenders of the La Raza Invasion and the browning down of their future country?

  11. The word ‘heroism,’ when associated with the sacrifice of life in the defense of integrity and liberty, has little, if any, meaning to those who argue for elective late term abortion. Their perceptions, values and ethics are vastly different.

  12. The Texans need to begin pointedly asking these un-Texan, un-Americans questions like, “Why do you hate the real history of Texas?” or “Why do you hate America?” Make these twatwaffles uncomfortable for a change. Be sure to ask these where lots of lights and cameras are trained in their direction.

  13. Ol’ Jim Bowie is sipping his morning coffee while looking out over the Alamo wall. He sees some fellows on the horizon, then looks down to his buddy Davey Crockett and asks:

    “Hey Davey, are we havin’ landscaping work done today?”

  14. “I want people to be able to get what they need to live: enough food, a place to live, and an education for their children. Government does not provide these as well as private charities and businesses.” Davy Crockett
    “I know not whether, in the eyes of the world, a brilliant death is not preferred to an obscure life of rectitude. Most men are remembered as they died, and not as they lived. We gaze with admiration upon the glories of the setting sun, yet scarcely bestow a passing glance upon its noonday splendor.”
    He was a man of his word, and in deed a hero. Don’t steal that from him, or us.

    My father told me this, and I will never forget it:
    “Make sure you are right, then go ahead.” Davy Crockett


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