Schools still struggling after last year’s surge of illegal minors

EAG News- HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. – The massive wave of undocumented minors who flooded across the U.S.-Mexico border last year have put in motion “a real cascading set of effects” that are overwhelming schools and communities.


Fox News Latino is highlighting the impact of last year’s surge in a seven-part series, the most recent part focusing on schools struggling to comply with federal requirements to educate every child, whether they’re legal residents or not.

“After being held temporarily by the federal government – for about a month, on average – more than 50,000 of children have been released to sponsors, usually a parent or relative, as they await their immigration court proceedings,” according to the news site.

“Over the last year, teachers and administrators have been left to teach these kids English, even though some of them had never stepped foot inside of a classroom and many are in need of mental health counseling following their traumatic encounters with gang violence, sex trafficking or kidnapping in their native countries.”  more

4 Comments on Schools still struggling after last year’s surge of illegal minors

  1. Teachers should teach like they normally have. If the illegals can’t keep up, tough. Have you ever seen a teacher fired for students not learning? There is ZERO accountability in education these days. If the English-speakers can pass the grade, promote them. If Jorge and Juanita can’t, it’s not like their parents really care.

  2. Think today’s decision by the supreme nutcases was nuts it pales into a trifle when compared to their illegal decision that we must educate every 3rd world puke who can criminally sneak into the country! and, worse yet, that we have to call any of their droppings American citizens

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