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Science Says What’s Really Compassionate Is Encouraging People With Gender Dysphoria To Love Their Real Bodies

Federalist– At the center of the transgenderism fight is the debate about how best to help those who suffer from gender dysphoria or guide those merely caught up in the craze, especially children. The loudest narrative from the left says acceptance equals kindness, but new research on so-called “detransition” reveals that the conservative stance against social playacting and medical intervention is actually the compassionate one.

In debates about trans treatment, the left invariably plays the “suicide” and “discrimination” cards. When pushing for surgical and chemical castration (commonly called “gender transition” or “gender-reassignment surgery”) or capitulation to false pronouns, leftists typically claim that if doctors, parents, teachers, and strangers don’t let Nick change to Nicole, he will kill himself. On the other hand, if Nicole “detransitions” back to Nick, they explain it away by claiming the causes are transphobia and discrimination.

A new study authored by Lisa Littman shows this just isn’t accurate. She researched 100 people who said they had experienced gender dysphoria, underwent social changes or medical interventions to “transition,” and then subsequently “detransitioned” back to their real sex.

Although reasons for detransition varied, only 23 percent reported it was because they had experienced discrimination. Nearly half (49 percent) reported fears about complications from medical interventions as a reason, with 38 percent realizing their so-called dysphoria was actually the result of a particular trauma, abuse, or other mental health issues. Forty-two percent said the transition didn’t improve their mental health, with 36 percent saying it actually made their mental health worse. more here

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  1. The fake doctor made male parts DO NOT ACTUALLY WORK.

    So, Imagine you jump through all the necessary hoops to get your VJ turned into a dead meat flap with no function other than peeing. What do you think that does to someones brain?

    Conversely, you chop off the tallywhacker and create a useless cavern in your body that does not serve the primary function of its existence. Then there is the maintenance & cleaning issues.
    Again, what happens to that persons mental condition after all that effort?

    On almost every level I feel bad for the way these people are being used as pawns by everyone who profits from their multiple forms of suffering.

    However, when they get militant, angry & attack people who just want to be left alone, I loose any sympathy for them.

    The really big question NONE of them answer in detail is, “Can they have a physically pleasurable sex life?”

    If the answer is “NO” then why turn your peach into a meat flap with poor circulation to receive no physical pleasure OR why Lop- off your unit to reduce the effects of drag when you go swimming?

  2. Abigail Shrier’s adapted speech was the topic of an issue of Imprimus this year: “Gender Ideology Run Amok”. She distilled most of the problem down to two words: Social Contagion. She also decribes the craze as “a craze” in her book on the subject. It’s a fad, along the lines of the hoola hoop, but with none of the wholesome fun and laughs.

    My first hand experience of how far this can get out of hand is the family living next door. By all cultural measures they are a success. Except one of their 3 sons decided a couple years ago that he was a she. The parents (both well-educated, but unwise) fell right into line with their teenager. Both sets of grandparents (except one grandfather) did too. I think the son is about to change back to a boy any time now. His need for attention has run its course, I think. Thankfully, he hasn’t done anything medical to himself to help things along, but that still leaves the unanswered question of his mental health. This is where I believe going along with someone’s gender fantasies is about as compassionate as giving meth addicts clean needles and a place to shoot up.


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