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Scientists Make Cultivated Meat, But Won’t Eat It


When a single meatball gets its own museum exhibit, you know it’s something special. In this case, it’s a mammoth meatball—or rather “an approximation of mammoth meat,” as CNN reports. The sample wasn’t taken from woolly mammoth remains discovered in Arctic permafrost. Instead, the muscle protein was grown in a lab. Scientists used a genome database to identify the DNA sequence for mammoth myoglobin—a protein that gives meat its texture, color, and taste—and after filling in gaps in the sequence with information from the genome of an elephant, “inserted the synthesized gene into a sheep muscle cell, which was then cultured, or grown, in a lab,” per CNN.

t was the work of Vow, an Australian cultivated meat company that hopes “to transition a few billion meat eaters away from eating [conventional] animal protein to eating things that can be produced in electrified systems” as a way to combat climate change and environmental destruction and ideally eliminate animal slaughter, CEO George Peppou tells the Guardian. The company has explored the potential of dozens of existing species and hopes to have its version of Japanese quail available on menus in Singapore this year. But first, it decided to embark on what CNN calls “a wonderfully wacky publicity stunt.”

The result is 400 grams of mammoth meat—or “lab-made lamb mingled with a tiny amount of mammoth DNA,” per CNN. There’s just one mammoth gene out of 25,000 sheep genes, as project leader Ernst Wolvetang of the University of Queensland tells the outlet. So what does it taste like? No one knows. Though cultured meat is supposed to replicate the taste of conventional meat, “we were hesitant to immediately try and taste because we’re talking about a protein that hasn’t existed for 5,000 years,” 


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  1. Fullmetal256, that was part of the plot from Theater of Blood, an English horror/comedy movie from 1973 where Vincent Price force feeds pureed poodle thru a funnel to Robert Morley a gourmand who he hates and kills him by choking him to death on his own vomit. I still remember that movie and that scene as well as the scene where a woman lying in bed wakes up to kiss her husband and his decapitated head rolls off of the bed. I love old Vincent Price horror movies.

  2. geoff – I got that from Terry Goodkind’s “Wizard’s First Rule” book in the Sword of Truth series. An evil wizard buries a kid in sand and feeds him gruel through a large feeding horn – all done to travel to the underworld.

    Same place these Soientists are headed…

    Awesome book series if you enjoy fantasy novels, and at the core is personal responsibility and limited government.

  3. Heatsync
    MARCH 28, 2023 AT 10:04 PM
    “Yeah, refusing to eat your own product but expecting others to eat it is a really bold marketing strategy.”

    …it totally worked for Pfizer and FedGovCo with the Coof killshot…


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