Scratch marks Inside an Auschwitz gas chamber

gas chamber scratch marks Auschwitz

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  1. Our personal problems are still our personal problems and must be dealt with accordingly. But I was just hit with some 20th century perspective.

  2. Never forget. Never again.

    Now the Muslims are today’s Nazis, with their 1400 year old war against the entire world, and especially the Jews.

    And just as with the Nazis, we cannot negotiate or ‘appease’ s solution to a conflict we did not create.
    Only total war until total victory for humanity and human freedom is secure.

  3. I remember seeing thousands of empty canisters of Zyklon B gas in one of the barracks when I was there years ago.
    An inanimate object that was used to merciless kill innocent people simply for who they were.
    You want to talk about a flag? That aint shit.

    It sucks that our current president only wants the Jews around for donations.
    Otherwise that bastard would be happy and comfortable administering that Zyklon B personally, and laughing his smug nigger ass off.
    Yes, I hate that bastard that much!

  4. You wouldn’t see that in Islam. Out of consideration they tie your hands behind your back before they behead you. That way we don’t have to suffer the trauma of seeing stuff like this in America’s future.

  5. There was a video of this a year or so ago. I remember the narrator saying the scratch marks were up so high because the bodies were piled that high.

  6. I’ve always been fascinated by this and have a sizable collection of Holocaust literature. I remember when the people in the gas chambers realized what was happening, they would take the children and put them above everyone else, cause the gas would go to the floor first before rising up. They hoped to save the children.

    The PC crowd and fighting over the Confederate Flag pales in comparison to the horror of the Nazis and their intended obliteration of the Jewish race. Never again!

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