Seattle riot: Security guard bravely disarms rioter of AR15 stolen from police car – IOTW Report

Seattle riot: Security guard bravely disarms rioter of AR15 stolen from police car

And then another one was reported stolen after that.

MyNorthwest: A brave security guard was caught on video expertly disarming a rioter who had picked up a stolen AR-15 from a patrol car during the Justice for George Floyd protest in Seattle.

As fringe Antifa and anarchists took advantage of the peaceful protest, police vehicles were targeted.

One rioter took an AR-15 out of a damaged police vehicle, causing a scary scene in Downtown Seattle. Q13 FOX’s Brandi Kruse reports the rioter began firing the weapon into cars, but “no one was hurt” as far as they were able to tell.

Thanks to the quick work of a Q13 FOX Seattle security guard, the rioter was quickly disarmed. more

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  1. chaos, mayhem

    about 1,987 yrs ago, we nailed the most perfect human being to ever walk on this planet to a cross to suffer a miserable, prolonged death

    he did nothing wrong, only taught love, charity, peace, and about an everlasting life

    we are far worse today than those times when he offered those lessons in person

    pray for the children, who are the best of all of us

  2. Rob a gun store around here and it’d be like some shit from Pale Rider.

    I was picking up some coal at the Chimney Shop and the owner of the shop said, “Look at that.”

    Two dudes went into the bank with ARs. We just stood there. Some kid lit a cigarette. The chimney guy said, “You’d have to have something seriously wrong with you to rob a bank in Sparta.”

    We all nodded.

  3. Left handed people get shit done.

    It’s like his kids soccer team lost. Dude is focused and not taking any shit. From anybody.

    I love responsible gun play.

  4. I was told that local police forces were buying surplus military equipment and becoming small armies. So far, all I’ve seen is Meal Team 6. It’d be nice to see some payoff for all the asset forfeiture that doesn’t involve a mom with her kid at the park.

  5. Antifa got tired of throwing rocks at Sacramento county cops and announced on line they were headed to the burbs to take what’s theirs. They’re headed east. My direction. About 25 miles from me. Sadly they will all be dead before they reach me, but I loaded a couple ARs anyway. So did all my neighbors.

  6. JDHasty

    The odds of them making it here are slim and none. But I’m loaded up and have the spooky dog in the front bedroom just in case.
    Funny thing is I didn’t even know they were rioting/demonstrating in Sac today until I started getting text messages from some of my buds. They’re still burning and stealing in Sacramento. Sacramento County Mayor is a jack ass Libtard. But the Sheriff is a staunch conservative. He won’t put up with this shit to long.

  7. JD, dagnabit. I went to the link and laughed so hard at this:

    “D’Artagnan the Deplorable
    Drones with fricking sleep darts. Have them wake up in Venezuela.”

    Now I can’t sleep. 🤣

  8. ah. Took me a while. Private contractor. News crews can hire them for protection. Distinctly remember several nice hotels in New Orleans hiring some during Katrina.

    This guy clearly has some experience with large crowds, and chaotic situations. Kudos for not dumping a round into the kids chest.

    s…. sorry about the hair, bro.

  9. I cannot believe what the mayor of Seattle just said about who is to blame for the riots.

    White men.

    It’s an outrageous statement. Pure evil.

  10. Bad_Brad @

    That is exactly what I thought.

    Security Guard my ass, He is a security Specialist!

    …and most likely does not want his identity published.


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