Nevada: Las Vegas police use tear gas, arrest 103 in tense night of looting, vandalism and protest

Reno Gazette Journal: LAS VEGAS – In a night of tense protests that ended with looting, tear gas tactics and a flaming police car, authorities arrested 103 people Saturday. 

The second day of demonstrations in the wake of George Floyd’s death ended with vandalized cars, broken store windows and the looting of a pawn shop. 

Of the 300 Las Vegas Metropolitan Police officers deployed, 11 received injuries ranging from abrasions to broken bones. None were hospitalized. more

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  1. Who’s up for being cop? Protecting yourself means getting fired and going to prison now.
    Something has to give.

  2. If there was 1 large city in this country that I thought wouldn’t take any shit, it was Vegas. We used to kill looters, now we give them space to destroy lives. Unfuckingreal.

    Jared Taylor notes,
    The morning after the San Francisco earthquake of 1906, Mayor Eugene Schmitz put up notices all over town warning that: “The Federal Troops, the members of the Regular Police Force and all Special Police Officers have been authorized by me to KILL any and all persons found engaged in Looting or in the Commission of Any Other Crime.”

    Reports of the number of looters killed vary from a dozen to a hundred.

    In December, 1913, the San Antonio River overflowed, and there was serious flooding in central Texas. The order issued to the state police was, “Shoot all looters, and shoot to kill.”

    There was another famous “shoot to kill” order in 1977, after flooding in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. When Mayor Herb Pfuhl heard reports of looting he told police to kill looters, and as soon as the word got out, the looting stopped. . . .

    Few people remember that when Hurricane Katrina devastated parts of Mississippi there was very little looting. Governor Haley Barbour explained why: “The reason, I think, was because I said people could shoot looters. I think it was a real deterrent.” Mississippi does not have restrictive gun ownership laws, and many citizens are armed.

  3. If the Mob was still in control there would be no (visible) trouble in Las Vegas.

    I used to know someone who worked for the Postal Police at a major airport. They were always somewhat short handed so they had to pick and chose what shipments of money they had to protect going out to the planes. They never bothered with the flights to Las Vegas because an organization “a bit more thorough and with many more resources” would take care of things if anything happened.

  4. MMimar if the mafia was still in charge the rioters would be swimming in the sands of the desert.

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