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Seattle to impose “Gun Violence” tax

Idiotic on multiple levels.

Firstly, if we take the name of the tax literally, they may only tax people who use their guns and bullets for violence.

Secondly, all this will do is drive businesses out of Seattle.

Thirdly, the city will be sued and lose. So any dreams of revenue building is just that, a dream.

Komo News has the story

18 Comments on Seattle to impose “Gun Violence” tax

  1. Would any sane person expect anything less from a state full of socialists?

  2. LOL Short term lease just outside City Limits (like those seasonal stores that sell Halloween costumes) ought to make their panties bunch up.

    Better yet, an ‘ammo cart’, like those food carts.

  3. Yet another example that reinforces the old expression:

    “The Soviet State of Washington.”

  4. “… there were on average 131 firearms deaths a year …”

    How many auto accident deaths?
    How many poisoning deaths?
    How many suicide deaths?

    ~131 deaths out of 2+ million people?
    0.0066% of the population?

    I smell BULLSHIT!

  5. Define “violence.”

    Does it mean with an intent to commit a crime? Does it mean when someone defends themselves from a crime?

    The socialists will start out claiming it only means the first definition above. But as with all socialism, it will morph to include the second definition as soon as a ‘tard “judge” says it does.

    These socialist morons are so easy to read because they’ve been using the same anti-freedom playbook for a century.

  6. How about the city passes an ordinance that anyone convicted of a crime of violence using a gun, or any deadly weapon for that matter, loses a kidney. Sell the kidneys to the highest bidder. Not only would this raise a lot of dough, it should also cut way, way down on repeat offenders.

  7. Has the entire west coast gone totally f**king nuts. Is there something toxic in the Pacific Ocean or what? 🙄

  8. Will Seattle be imposing the tax in back alleys, street corners and section 8 housing as well? Didn’t think so.

  9. Please keep this idiotic idea on the West side of the state, thank you. We have a few of our own idiots over here in Eastern Wash. who would think this is a great idea as well. Our city council is also full of a bunch of leftist morons here in Spokane. It’s bad enough that they want to impose bike lanes everywhere and make everything green. It’s no fun riding a bike in the Winter over here. And we’re so close to Idaho over here that if they ever tried this all the business would go to Post Falls just inside Idaho with a Cabela’s practically right on the state line at the first exit on I-90.

  10. Washington sounds like it would be a great state if not for Seattle. It’s like Illinois would be a great state if not for Chicago.

  11. I like your thinking, Uncle Al. PP does it, so why would ‘tards be bothered by your solution?

    Let’s make it a federal law and we can retire the US debt in one year!

  12. It’s the fallout from the Fukushima disaster brought in by the ocean current.

  13. It is a great state even with Seattle. I just wish they would leave the rest of us alone. Their slogan should be, What happens in Seattle stays in Seattle. Period, end of story we are all right without you telling us what to do. And just because you’re bigger than us doesn’t mean you’re any better.

  14. A kidney from a crack-, meth-, MD2020-, Purple Lean®-addict wouldn’t be worth the trouble to remove it. Now, donating it for “study” and not using anesthetic… there’s an idea with legs. 😆

  15. Impose a Brainless Leftist SJW tax.

    We’d pay off the national debt in what, two weeks? A month, tops?

  16. Ya gotta wonder what the marginal healthcare and law enforcement costs have been since Seattle became a sanctuary city.

    Who pays for that?

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