Seattle’s Boondoggle Vouchers


It was suppose to even the playing field for candidates rich and poor, Democracy Vouchers.  In a response to Citizens United, political reformers in Seattle passed a law giving voters “vouchers” worth $25. The voters were to donate those vouchers to their favorite candidates who would redeem them with the city to fund their campaign. The pool of money available for redemption came from a special tax on Seattle property owners.

Special Report did a follow up last night on this program and found it worked about as well as one would expect in a city full of progressive liberals. Watch





5 Comments on Seattle’s Boondoggle Vouchers

  1. I’m from the givernment and I’m here to help. From a special property tax? I’m sure that made property owners more liberal.

  2. Giving public money, i.e. taxpayer’s money, to political campaigns is an abomination.

    But in a place like Seattle, where the money comes from morons who haven’t abandoned the place, I might file the papers and run for some office, then spend any “donation” money on fine dining and good whiskey.

    p.s. I’m aware there are a few good people in Seattle who own property that for good and sufficient reason they don’t have a practical option to sell. Identify yourselves and we’ll have dinner together on my ill-gotten dollars. (-:


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