SEIU union slashes budget 30% [Because of Trump] – IOTW Report

SEIU union slashes budget 30% [Because of Trump]

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American Mirror: In March, as the Service Employees International Union put its full support behind Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and the “Fight for $15” minimum wage, president Mary Kay Henry said “you can’t go smaller in this moment.

“You have to go bigger,” she said.

Now that America has elected Republicans to control all branches of the federal government, and many state governments, Henry is rethinking the union’s strategy.

The big labor boss spelled out what the current situation means for a union that’s almost exclusively backed Democrats for decades in a memo sent out to SEIU’s roughly 2 million members earlier this month.  more

13 Comments on SEIU union slashes budget 30% [Because of Trump]

  1. “you can’t go smaller at this moment, you have to go bigger”
    “they go low, we go high”
    These people are fixated on that verb aren’t they?

    and that’s damn considerate and economically responsible of them to cut the budget by 30% (oh wait, right to work states have increased and union membership has decreased), so I guess that works out about right.

    She can spin it however she likes, but that ain’t no paper cut Mary Kay, you’re hemorrhaging!

  2. Sheesh!
    Round em up.
    Tag em.
    Release in China, Syria, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, or Cuba.
    Automatic death penalty on return.
    Be done with em – once and for all.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. “focus our resources and energy on fights that position us to retake power”
    I think they plan on moving as much $$ into their personal accounts as possible before it all blows up. It’s on page 6 I believe of the Clinton Rule Book.

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