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Semi-Auto McDonald’s

There’s a fully automated McDonald’s in Texas where you can go in, order your food and get your meal all without a single bit of human interaction. Your food will still be cooked by humans but they’re all in the kitchen where you can’t interact with them, and this could be the future of fast food.

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  1. They have a couple of these in Vegas.
    When you walk in they have walls put up so you cannot see the kitchen or any humans.
    The ordering touchscreen asks you half a dozen times if you wan’t to “log in” before it finally let’s you choose food items.
    Programmed by a sadistic idiot no doubt.
    Total bullshit, impersonal and FORGET IT if you have any special request.

  2. Don’t forget they did a study on, very specifically, McDonald’s order kiosks where they wiped them for bacterial cultures. Among other things, they found fecal coliform on all of them.

    ALL of them.

    Bon Appetit!


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