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Update on Kari Lake v Hobbs

Despite the media’s best efforts to squash the complaints against Maricopa County officials, the presiding judge did allow a hearing on two of the ten objecitons filed by gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake in Arizona. Here

On the first complaint, the plaintiff presented evidence that the same day election was sabotaged by a number of ballots printed in a manner that the scanning machines couldn’t read. Here and Here

The second complaint focused on chain of custody and how Maricopa County violated their own rules. More

The media has been quick to render their verdict Here, Here and Here. But we’ll wait for the judge’s ruling in the next few days. Review

7 Comments on Update on Kari Lake v Hobbs

  1. I’ve been going back and forth for about 7 weeks with the author of this piece, Ray Stern. He simply parrots the bullshit Maricopa County issues without any rebuttals. I’ve been calling him a chump who
    is happy to take the paycheck and be the liar.

    Note how he typically starts his bullshit off by saying Kari presented no evidence that the massive delays weren’t engineered by Maricopa County while at the same times, Maricopa County says hey ya takes your chances voting in person on election day.

    How this gets resolved in our favor isn’t a likely outcome.

  2. Kari conclusively proved that tabulators weren’t accepting 1,000s of ballots because they were on a 19″ format printed on 20″ sheets of paper. The machines had to be set like that intentionally.

    Further several 100 thousand votes were shipped to Runback where there was no chain of custody and that specifically the seals were being removed from the transport containers, and the ballots inside were not counted. That was a requirement and the fact that they were just taking those ballots out of the transport containers without counting them.

    How they la-de-ta these is gonna be an all timer.


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