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Sen. Cortez-Masto (D-NV) Senior Advisor Killed by Illegal Alien

Nevada Globe:
Elmer Rueda-Linares has been arrested in connection with the death of Kurt Englehart, a Senior Advisor to Democratic Senator Catherine Cortez Masto. Rueda-Linares entered the country illegally in March 2021 and is currently being detained in the Washoe County Jail on $100,000 bond.

[…] Cortez Masto, in an interview with MSNBC on March 10, warned that it is “misinformation” to claim there are open borders under the Biden Administration. “There are no open borders,” Cortez Masto said, “There are so many children! These children are fleeing for their lives.” more

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  1. File this one under “Bullshit and Leftism Yields Tragedy”
    OTOH democRATz will simply chalk this up to “Well… ya gotta break a few eggs to make the omlet)
    Fuck the Left and their vaunted agenda of Hate, Division and Destruction!

  2. “She gave no fucks.”

    It’s all for the greater good. I wonder sometimes if assholes at her level even know what and whom they are supporting?
    I’m surprised Washoe County elected a Libtard.

  3. I looked up Washoe County demographics. It took me ta the U.S. census bureau. They list total percentage of white peeps at 82%. I’m thinking that seemed damn high. And then down at the bottom of the page they have another category. Total number of white people excluding Hispanics. WTF? Now that number drops to 50%. 32% Hispanic. I guess that’s so the news media can justify all those light skinned Hispanic school shooters.

  4. They are holding the illegal? On bond? Is that not ray-cisssst? How can they be doing such a thing? Let the poor child run free, free I tells ya!

    How to tell things are getting bad: the scumbag who was killed aided and abetted the acts of his employer, a verifiable scumbag who aided (and aids) and abetted the criminal entry of the scumbag who killed the scumbag of the first part.

    Not slightly sorry he’s dead, want her to suffer the same fate at the hands of another illegal… or the same one, really. Then hang the illegals along with a bunch more on the border as warnings to the next batch not to enter.

    Times are getting parlous you leftist scum. Your time is near nigh.


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