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An Exhibit at The “Night Gallery”

Remember Rod Sterling’s “Night Gallery”? I must have been just at the right age for tales of the strange and macabre offered up by this series. It was sadly taken from us too soon, lasting only three years. Sure, there were some real clinkers in the bunch, but a lot of those episodes left a mark. Each story came with its own unique painting created by artist Thomas Wright that would suggest what the view was about to experience.

The show has been gone for 50 years now, leaving us to wonder “What happened to Rod Sterling’s Night Gallery Paintings? Find out Here

The Night Gallery website where you can find a coffee table book of the paintings (not available on Amazon) as well as companion books to the series. Here

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  1. The Twilight Zone, Night Gallery and on the radio, The Zero Hour were all outstanding timeless classics!

    In the early 80s my wife and I used to love watching Friday the 13th: The TV Series (no relation to the film) about Uncle Vendredi who made a deal with the devil to sell cursed antiques.

  2. I used to love “Night Gallery”. Didnt miss an episode. Great updated, gritter, darker version of the “The Twilight Zone”.
    Watched it faithfully until my faith changed and now focused on Christ. Back then I was fascinated by the occult.
    It’s wild that those masterpiece paintings were created by the same incredible artist – very talented.
    Still, Those paintings freaked me out, but kept me hooked on learning the story they were based on in the series.

  3. Ghost Story and Circle of Fear were pretty good series that came out around the same time as Night Gallery.

    I saw that Night Gallery episode with Lawrence Harvey and the earwig when I was an 7 year-old kid vacationing in tropical Hawaii in 1972. It was difficult to sleep well for the rest of that trip.

  4. Before Rod passed away, the network took creative control away from him.
    He said he was forced to host the program or he would be canned.
    Night Gallery took on a more sinister theme. Loved the Twilight Zone

  5. @Wild Bill
    Right there with you on Kolchak. I can still remember the episode where he had to sew the zombie’s mouth shut with salt inside.
    I always have plenty of salt around!!
    And Darren McGavin as Old Man Parker in A Christmas Story is the chef’s kiss!

  6. I can still remember the Twilight Zone episode Nightmare at 20,000 Feet. Somehow or another I managed to stay up late and watched that episode back in ’63 when I was 8 years old. Scared the living hell out of me.

  7. ROKU is currently running Flash Gordon serials from the late 1930’s. They had Space Soldiers on, and I finished watching all 13 thrilling episodes with the obligatory cliffhanger at the end of each episode of this serial. And now it’s Flash Gordon and A Trip To Mars, all with Larry “Buster” Crabbe as Flash Gordon and of course Ming the Merciless the emperor of the evil planet Mongo. I know they’re cheesy and the spaceships are utterly ridiculous elongated football shaped spacecraft, but Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers still rule in all the old serials from the 30’s as well as all the old Johnny Weissmuller Tarzan movies.

  8. A competitor to some of these shows was a program called “Out” or “Out There” or something like that, before the word became associated with Queers.

    One episode was about a widow whose husband’s brain was kept in a special tank, with wires attached to it so scientists could monitor its reaction to stimulation. The widow was not allowed much freedom by her late husband and he forbade her from smoking cigarettes. So she showed up at the lab where her husband’s brain was kept, asking to see the brain, lit up a smoke and blew smoke into the tank. The meters attached to his went off the charts crazy.

    That’s all I remember from the entire series.


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