Sen. Hawley Blasts Sec. Granholm for Claiming Biden Policies Had No Effect on Gas Prices – IOTW Report

Sen. Hawley Blasts Sec. Granholm for Claiming Biden Policies Had No Effect on Gas Prices

14 Comments on Sen. Hawley Blasts Sec. Granholm for Claiming Biden Policies Had No Effect on Gas Prices

  1. For what it’s worth: as far as Joe Biden knows, his policies have had no effect.

    As far as he knows…

    Away the the demented pedophile and his minions!

  2. what do want to bet that flaming tool is not up for reflection this November?

    things you can say when you’re convinced your constituents are room temperature IQ and won’t remember anything you say 2 years from now.

  3. Gas prices had been steadily climbing for a year before the current farce in Europe, but it is all because of that.

    And the 94 hand-picked executives who said Biden’s incompetence had nothing to do with the country going to hell in a handbasket.

  4. Made it to 3:49 before a blood pressure alarm turned it off.

    Shit’s ‘in the air,’ big time.

  5. Everytime I see her Uncle Buck comes to mind.
    “Take this quarter, go downtown and have a rat gnaw that thing off your face.”

  6. If gas goes above 6$ a gallon (as AAA predicts) diesel will be well above 8$ a gallon…..The farmers are going to park their tractors and that should be the Lexington?Concord to light the fuse…..

  7. Our Nation’s commerce strangled to death by an illegal President and the Cabal that controls him. Now, who will gain by doing that?

  8. Releasing oil stockpiles from our strategic petroleum reserves is equivalent to the deadbeat son burning through his rich daddy’s inheritance. Biden didn’t build the reserve. Doesn’t know (or care) that it’s for national emergencies, which does not include the results of purposeful nefarious policies.

    God I hate these people.

  9. How do you like the Fundamental Transformation so far?

    The Socialist/communists who are calling the shots and writing the words for Biden’s teleprompter are doing their best to bring about a real rebellion.
    I have no doubt the military, under Austin and Milley, would be employed after Marshall Law is imposed. Military Personnel will follow orders.

    Crimes and violations will be tried in military court.
    Habeas corpus will be suspended.

    Wave goodbye to:
    1st Amendment – Freedom of Speech, Assembly and the Press
    2nd Amendment – Right to Bear Arms
    3rd Amendment – Freedom from Housing Soldiers
    4th Amendment – Protection from Unreasonable Search and Seizure
    5th Amendment – Protection to Life, Liberty and Property
    Lastly, whether you want it to or not, Curfews will be a certainty.
    Your life will be transformed, what wealth you may possess will be redistributed. You will have less and you’ll like it.

  10. Ivan they already are, contracts let out months ago paid them X amount of dollars per mile before the price hikes in diesel, they are losing money right now. They will park their rigs before the end of the year maybe before that.
    Its going to get ugly all across America real soon,just wait and see.

  11. Things get worse by the day.

    Biden cuts domestic drilling his first day in office and she says now his admin is doing everything to increase domestic supply….by releasing oil from the strategic reserve!

    When they run down the strategic reserve till there is no more of that available to the consuming public (assuming they’ll keep some of it in case China or Russia invades, or God Forbid, Mexico) what will she tell us? Walk, you all need the exercise, or ride a bike like Buttgiggle does, or quit your job so you don’t have to drive anywhere.

    Today, I saw an older couple walking back from the supermarket
    carrying their groceries. Little doubt gas has has gotten too expensive for them.

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