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Weak Democrats Shift Red After Boost of Testosterone

National Pulse

Increased testosterone levels can cause Democrats to become more conservative in their political affiliation, a recent experiment analyzing voters in U.S. elections found. More

7 Comments on Weak Democrats Shift Red After Boost of Testosterone

  1. Hilarious if true. Hilarious if not true. Either way.

    Watching Liberal heads explode: also hilarious.

  2. Wouldn’t need half the antidepressants available if Democrats would switch to Republican. Never known a conservative that needed ’em.

  3. ^ Interesting observation, Truckbuddy. Conservatives are more likely to question the effectiveness and safety of all pharmaceuticals through independent research. Same with the COVID ‘vaccine.’

    Antidepressants generally don’t work well for most people (argue here, if you like), and are darn right dangerous for many, as well. Healthy eating, sleeping, working and exercise are the best promoters of brain health, imo.

  4. Thanks General.

    Getting a job and making yourself the best you can be, pushing yourself to accomplish without tricking others into aiding your success is the best drug there is. Manipulation, gaming the system and lies (BS) don’t make anyone mentally fit.

    Being a zombie is for the weak, the loser. Get off the drugs and do something.


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