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Sen. Jeff Sessions not swayed by the Pope on immigration

RollCall– Sen. Jeff Sessions won’t boycott the pope’s address to Congress Thursday, but the Alabama Republican doesn’t expect to be swayed by what he says on immigration, climate change or the economy.

“He’s said things close to open borders, which I think is wrong, and his opinion is no more persuasive to me than the Wall Street Journal’s. I don’t agree with either one,” Sessions told CQ Roll Call in a hallway interview Tuesday.

“It’s always dangerous for church leaders to start opining on complex matters of which they haven’t had a chance to learn over the years. I mean, we’ve been wrestling with immigration for 30 years. That’s a lot of knowledge. So the pope is not invested in that,” Sessions said.

He continued, “It’s all right for him to call on us to establish an immigration law that serves the national interest and assists people, but how that’s done, I think he probably is not sufficiently informed, and I would say that despite some of the biblical things, Nehemiah went back to Jerusalem and the Lord commanded him to build a wall.


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  1. If I understand the current state of affairs, the plan is to allow millions of illegals into the country that will A) Solve border problems, B) Reduce climate change, and C) Fix the economy.

    How about instead we kick the illegals out who don’t care for our laws or regulations, emit carbon on a huge scale by using our land and equipment unregulated that ultimately takes jobs from honest Americans and slaps additional regulation with added carbon emissions from millions of illegals, that will: A) Solve the border problem, B) Reduce climate change, and C) Fix the economy.

    I’m probably radical, right?

  2. When I hear Francis speak English, I expect him to say, “My name. José. Jimenez.” Seriously, if this guy drones on for an hour or so, I expect half of Congress to be asleep and the other half to be on Facebook on their i-Phones.

    It look like the Convocation of Cardinals, or whatever they are called, are no smarter than the mob that elected 0bama.

    Go Jeff Sessions!

    (Look for Texas’ mega-fool Sheila Jackson Lee to crowd the guy for TV and photo ops!)

  3. Sessions is my senator and we are real proud of him.

    I notice that Corker and Alexander are senators from Tennessee and it’s becoming the Mecca capital of the South. God help them.

  4. Let the Pope stick to his sphere of knowledge and influence, the spiritual. Including, maybe, telling the illegals to “obey the law of the land” (i.e., GO HOME!)

  5. This was Barky’s or Jarrett’s idea to bring in a commie pope to sway the voters in their direction…doesn’t work, will never work….give it up you two…

  6. Hey Senator Sessions, I allowed the Pope to sway me in regards to immigration, the economy and climate change/ global warming.

    Yep, after being a lifelong Roman Catholic of 55 years, the Pope swayed me to become Southern Baptist.

  7. Ann Barnhardt will tell you The Vatican has people with feet of clay, running things just like they do everywhere else. There are some power brokers in the Vatican who could have told you the name of the next pope, Francis, six months before he was elected.

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