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Hajj stampede

[Updated] MSN–  At least 150 people were killed and 400 hurt in a stampede of pilgrims Thursday in one of the worst incidents in years to hit the annual hajj in Saudi Arabia, officials said.

hajj stampede

Saudi Arabia’s civil defence service released the toll and said rescue operations were under way after the stampede in Mina, where almost two million pilgrims were taking part in the last major rite of the hajj.

It was not immediately clear what had caused the stampede. more


CAIRO (AP) On occasion, the hajj and events surrounding it have been marred by accidents and tragedies, such as Thursday’s stampede near Mecca that killed at least 310 people.

Here’s a look at some more deadly hajj-related incidents.

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  1. Is that some type of sporting event?
    The word is not familiar to me.

  2. Lucianne now has it up to 310 dead. Allah’s having a rough time at Mecca this year.

    Hundreds of dead koranimals first thing in the morning!

  4. As BFH would say, Tragedy in Mecca Stampede: Only 310 Dead”

  5. Someone started the rumor that an 8 year old boy had set up a kissing booth.

  6. So we got the crane that allahh didn’t like, the hotel fires, the landslide, the guy who chased a monkey out of muhammad’s cave and off a cliff, and now a real live pedophile stampede.

    What in the wide wide world of sports will the next hajj event be?

  7. I’ll bet someone showed up with an alarm clock in a pencil box.

  8. Whut else didja expect from a bunch of cave-men who have to be told which hand to use to wipe with!
    This is what the Øbamboozler is enabling them to bring to America!

  9. BTW – take another look at that picture.
    See all masses of people controlled by just a few on the outside?
    That’s their future vision of Europe and America!

  10. It was not immediately clear what had caused the stampede.

    Cognitive deficit manifested in the belief that human beings are indistinguishable and interchangeable members of the hive.

  11. What made him so angry?
    Was it something Jonny Quest said?

  12. Not trying to tell them how to run their cult, but wouldn’t it be better to schedule visits b ased on where their names fall in the alphabet?

    Oh, right…too many M’s.

    Okay, then schedule visits based on their birthdays.

    Oh, I see…muslims are forbidden to celebrate their birthdays.

    Carry on as you were, then, idiots. No skin off my back.

  13. You know, if you squint just a little, that picture looks kind of like two towers full of people, and one is tipping over.

  14. Goes well with a strong cup o’ joe!

  15. Doesn’t this happen pretty much regularly every year or so during the Hajj? How could it not be with such a large stampede of people? I hate large crowds for that particular reason, I never have liked being in a giant crowd of idiot people all stampeding together in such a narrow and small area with a lack of exits. What else should they expect? DUH!

  16. No, someone yelled, “Check out that babe’s ankle over there!”

  17. How the fcuk do you get killed by a stampede of people, were they wearing high healed shoes?

  18. How can people be so indoctrinated, or engrossed with their idea of what their “god’ desires them to do?? Is it real faith or fear of persecution for not being fervent enough?? Has the population outgrown their slow evolution out of medieval barbarism?? So much violence and no soccer game around!!!

  19. Now up to 453 dead. F.D.R. and Eleanor. Are you calling in back-up for processing? ?

  20. Can you imagine the stench coming from that crowd? At some point the Axe body spray doesn’t help.

  21. The cumulative body clouds of bacteria. It must be like a derecho there.

  22. It is said that you can see the path of Hajj from space, and it looks like a giant skid mark.

  23. We should all be happy for them because it’s a blessing to die at the hajj.
    Just a shame there was no 100 Megaton airburst.

  24. The chances are the 700+ that died here are just your run of the mill Muslims that don’t follow the Koran or the Mullahs particularly closely. It’s kind of like the Catholics and birth control. It’s sad to see that many people die in that horrible a way regardless of their religion. The Saudi’s are supposed to control the crowds as they have control of two of the the three great sites of Islam Masjid Al Haram and Al Masjid Al-Nabawi while in what must be one of histories great ironies the Israel’s have defacto control over the third at the Golden Mosque in Jerusalem. Anyway, the ones driving the Islam Bus are the Mullahs in Iran and Pakistan, the Royal Family in Saudi Arabia and various local crazies and these are the ones creating the growing horror that is today’s Islam and these are the ones that would never be caught dead (as it were) in these crowds.

  25. Dang, Allah has a better score of irradication than Odama!!

  26. I laughed out loud; I’m going to He…
    Oh, wait.
    Never mind. 👿

  27. We’re calling for SERVEPRO ®.
    You can smell these damned Moslems over the sulfur.

  28. Think you’ll get all of ’em processed before it’s time to knock off for the weekend?

  29. meanwhile in the USA 1000s gather peacefully for Mass by the Pope. See the difference being civilized makes a country?

  30. Woo hoo! Good news Thursday. It was hot and they were all trying to get to the camel urine stand for a nice cool drink.
    Allahu Fubar!

  31. When I was stationed over in Saudi Arabia (US Army), we used to joke about “going downtown to check out some T&A”.
    Of course, being there after the Kobar Tower bombing, we weren’t allowed anywhere off base unless on official business.
    And T&A stood for “Toes And Ankles”.
    Oh, we were a funny bunch, we were.

  32. I recall at some pope gathering in the ’70s that 11 people were trampled in the crowd/stampede. When that many people gather in an area with limited space, this sort of thing happens.

    Unfortunately, with the muslims, it does not happen often enough.

  33. Looks like someone kicked over an ant hill.
    Quick Marj! The Flit!

  34. “…before you pass out from the smell?”

  35. Reminds me of the old Dhimmi Hendricks classic “Hajj Town Traffic”

    I’m not the only Muzz
    Accused of hit and run
    Bodies piled up in stacks, Ha!
    I can see you’ve had your fun
    But darling didn’t you see the signal
    Turn from green to red
    And with you I can see a body count
    Straight up ahead
    It’s just like

    Hajj Town traffic
    So hard to get to the Cube
    Hajj Town traffic
    I just might .. run over you
    Hajj Town traffic
    All you do is hold me back
    And I got better things on the Plain of Arafat

  36. yeah, that’s too bad … they’ll miss burning man next year.

    one of several pillars of being a dumbass

  37. I heard what happened…..someone said “hey Mohamad over here”
    See they are all named Mohamed

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