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Throw the Pope Out Too

‘I’m scared they’ll take my family’: Five-year-old daughter of illegal immigrants is blessed by Pope Francis after breaking through security barricades to ask him to help her family stay in America

Immigrant daughter Sophie Cruz gives Pope Francis a letter pleading for help

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  1. Yep, it was staged. I’ve read in several places that the child was hoisted up to meet the pope by “security guards”. Poor, penniless child and parents had to scrape together a couple of thousand dollars for plane tickets from LA to DC (nah, they were sponsored by some immigration group and the father is making speeches in other venues while he’s in DC).

    This is the same BS we get from the elitists all the time. The little girl was whining that she didn’t want her parents to have to leave her behind while they were deported. Well sweetheart, we have a super compassionate deal for you! You can get your little tail back to your own country along with your criminal invader parents and we’ll all be happy.

  2. As a Catholic, I am somewhat ashamed of Francis. He mentions global warming but never mentions the killing of Christians by muslims , and never mentions abortion or the political prisoners in Cuba. Som ting wong.

  3. I was hopping one of the gang members would have busted thru security to
    Ask the pope a question. Since they are not screened for health concerns
    I would see a doctor.

  4. I haven’t heard anyone tell his girl and her family in Spanish what she did was wrong. Obviously the little Mexicans assimilating to understand what we’re saying in the country she wants to belong to isn’t going to happen. It’s the liberal way – Ignore facts at all cost and report feeeewings.

  5. Somewhat ashamed?
    As a Christian who is not Catholic, I’ve mumbled non-blessings about this man who chooses to speak about crap science and NOT about a sinful abomination (GENOCIDE on innocents of HIS faith!).
    It would be like a Pope warning western Europe in 1939 about flat Earth and ignoring the Axis war crimes.

  6. I am Catholic and I am not ashamed. He, Francis the Talking Ass, is a scourge and a chastisement upon our Holy Mother Church and exemplifies the extent that Satan has infiltrated the high places of the Earth and is a dire warning to the Faithful to pray and reject Evil.

  7. I was very suspicious when the last Pope stepped down speaking with a frail fearful tone. It smacked of intimidation. This guy is a creation of the Globalists. Since Marxism is atheist, the advocacy of Marxism – and the advocacy of man as the supreme of rulers – means this individual isn’t a man of God. Not lost on anyone here, but Klimate Kookery has precisely the same objective – a global un-elected communist dictatorship. The horror is the extent to which the Oligarchs have control.

  8. When the Muslims decimate the Vatican and steal their wealth
    we will remember this Pope’s foolishness in telling us to self

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