Senator Rand Paul Confronts a Very Nervous and Lying Dr. Anthony Fauci

CTH: Kentucky Senator Dr. Rand Paul confronted the Director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Dr. Anthony Fauci, about previous lies to congress when Fauci said the National Institute of Health (NIH) was not funding “gain of function” (weaponization) research in the Wuhan Laboratories.  

The Wuhan Lab is the likely originating source of SARS-CoV-2 virus commonly known as COVID-19.  Current indications are that U.S. funds helped create the virus that has now become a global pandemic killing hundreds-of-thousands.  As a consequence, Anthony Fauci is increasingly becoming the target of scrutiny for his lies, falsehoods and misleading statements as he attempts to slip away from accountability.

In this confrontation, a very nervous and guilt-ridden Fauci attempts to parse terms to avoid admitting he is the man who has killed many.  His nervous, arrogant and combative posture is on display. WATCH

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  1. Rand Paul literally had that midget menace shaking. He was so pissed to be called out by a real physician who knows that Fauci is nothing but a media creation of a medical expert & hero.

  2. Calling Fauci a Doctor is like calling a big city police chief a police officer. Technically they are, but in reality they are bureaucrats who wouldn’t have the first idea of how to actually do the job.

    Yes, somebody needs to be the bureaucrat, but I generally would not consider them as the first people to call for ground-level knowledge — unless they listen to the rank and file, which I doubt Fauci does.

  3. I’m liking Rand Paul more and more. He has taken a lot of shit, but remains consistent, unlike Lindsey Graham and the like. The only thing missing in this video is a Fauci coronary.

  4. Hey MJA…was going to send this to ya…so I’m dumping it here instead…

    For some context?

    Kramer was a famous gay/queer activist at the time…when this article was written…

    Just read the first line!? KAPOW.

    We need to use ‘theirs’…against them…

    He’s been a Fraud for 40 years…

  5. And then, because Congress is toothless, the case got handed off to the DOJ, and it was never heard from again. And the glib goblin lived happily ever after. And probably got a Nobel prize.

  6. Yes, we all love to see the good guy stick it to the bad guy. Of course in a perfect world there are consequences for criminality, we don’t live in a perfect world so Fauci will go on spinning his webs of deception and duplicity. The Dem controlled Congress, social media, the MSM, and the court of public opinion will condemn Paul as a nutcase, a conspiracy theorist and a ant–vax heretic, all the while singing Fauci’s praises, lauding him as the second coming of Jonas Salk, Ben Casey and Cliff Huxtable all rolled into one.

  7. God is good. God is almighty. He’s good God almighty!

    Fauci is one of satan’s minions. Pray for that satan loosens his grip. Fauci may yet surprise us if he feels the heat enough.

  8. He’s sending a letter to the DOJ, yeah I’m sure they’re going to investigate. lmao

  9. Fauci tries to do something here that a lot of liars do: pick a related-but-irrelevant point and hammer on it in an attempt to deflect or defuse the argument. In this case, he argues that the viral samples used by the Chi-coms were incapable of being used to create Covid. Rand’s point is that no one gives a fuck about what viral samples were actually used — it was the funding given for the purpose of allowing the Chi-coms to conduct gain-of-function research that ultimately lead to the creation (and release) of Covid from the Wuhan lab. Fauci needs to be swinging from a fucking lamp-post somewhere as a warning to others like him.

  10. As I said before, that slimy octogenarian needs to stop drinking the blood of sacrificed children and get reunited down here with the soul he sold to Satan in 1968.

  11. DOJ will never prosecute Fauci. He cannot escape eternal punishment and in that I take solace.


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