Send these to a lib with a note that says…

… suck on this.

ht/ janitor

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  1. 10 for $15.00 you could piss of 10 people for a buck fifty that’s a good deal. Just having one here in Seattle would cause melt downs at Starbucks.

  2. Pretty much only illegals from sht hole countries litter. Americans don’t litter since the days of that Italian guy. Iron eyes Cody, posing as an indian, with the tear streaming down his face in the 1960s and 1970s.
    Shaming worked. The litter and straws are from freerange illegals roaming America.

    What do you want liberals? A clean environment ir open borders?

    I hate you asswipes. Seriously.

  3. Make sure and include a plastic grocery bag with that gift.

    It’s the thought that counts.

  4. well recommended:
    “embrace the suck” nanzi pelosi

    yeah, she really did say that, and it made sense to her zomboids

  5. In my hood the friendly colored folks
    litter like CRAZY.Baby diapers in the
    parking lots is a favorite.

  6. California banned plastic straws because two women in california invented a plastic straw that changes colors when it detects the date rape drugs.

    Hollywood said they had to go. It cut into their rape rape.

  7. I’m reading this just now, Sunday morning July 21. Coincidentally, I bought these online yesterday. It’s $19.98 with shipping.Still a good deal

    My wife dragged me into an (ass)Whole Foods last Sunday in Mandeville so she could have designer coffee before church.

    Everything in the place creeped me out. The telltale I was in a Socialism shitshow were huge virtue-signaling slogans along the entire front wall, including “…For The Greater Good”

    So my wife is at the counter ordering some coffee abomination when I notice another virtue-signaling sign, saying “We Provide PAPER Straws Upon Request”. So I asked the debtridden PhD graduate with the unmarketable worthless degree in Intersectional Studies why plastic straws weren’t available.
    The snarky smarmy lemming told me “We’re saving the ocean!” I wanted to ask her what she meant but my wife knew where I was going with this and was jabbing me in the side to shut up. So I asked the lemming “WHICH ocean?? And why don’t you care about the Gulf of Mexico?? Is it cuz of all the oil rigs??”


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