Senior Japanese Olympic Official Jumps In Front Of Train In Suspected Suicide – IOTW Report

Senior Japanese Olympic Official Jumps In Front Of Train In Suspected Suicide

Zero Hedge-

Tokyo Police are investigating an apparent suicide on Monday morning (local time) of a senior official at the Japanese Olympic Committee (JOC) who jumped in front of a subway train. 

Nippon TV’s News24 channel reports Yasushi Moriya, who led JOC’s accounting department, apparently ended his own life in the Tokyo Metro system. Police have yet to release details surrounding the death of the official. more here

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  1. And thus is the difference between Japanese and American executives. When a Japanese Exec fails or gets caught, they promptly commit seppuku. When an American Exec gets caught, it’s pull the golden parachute, go to another company and promptly screw that one up, and make a killing on the book deal.

  2. I greatly respect the Japanese.

    Unlike the abysmal failures who continue to drain society in Europe & North America.

    Whatever your reason,

    God speed, find happiness & rest next time round.

  3. …well for his sake I hope the impact of the train killed him instantly.

    I worked in a garage once that had multiple railroad tracks leading into a massive marshalling yard for several train lines, and they assembled trains there that went all over the Country so they were very long, but it was far out enough from the yard that they were building up a good head of steam by the time they got to where I was. It wasn’t uncommon to find dead critters there, and one time even a lobster which I assume escaped from a train car in some way because lobsters in the Midwest nowhere near anything resembling ANY body of water, let alone SALT water, are pretty rare.

    Well anyway, one day we came in to find a fellow that had been roughly torn into several convenient sections by multiple, multiple train wheels, and obviously this behooved us to invite a visit from the police, and thereto the coroner. The representatives of that august body found a car that ostesibly belonged to the multipartate man with a note in it stating that he had decided that life was not worth living, and that lying down on train tracks was as good a way as any to make the transition out of it. He evidently thought this through as not only were the trains building some speed at this point as I mentioned, but it was around a slight bend that would make it impossible for the engineer to stop even if he wanted to.

    (Side note: I once took a young woman to a more distant hospital in my ambulance because she was relatively stable and her doctor was there, and I was wheelman that night and her father rode up front with me, and got to see some things like how people would cut off even an ambulance under full Code 3 conditions, so I have proof that it wasn’t just me, people ARE assholes. Anyway, he proved to be a train engineer, and during one of the longer, quiter pauses (I am NOT going to run the siren on an empty highway at 3AM for 20 freaking minutes if I don’t have to, that just gets annoying after awhile. I’ll keep the lights on which wasn’t strictly “Code 3” under State law, but that’s IT.), he told me a little about his career in the context of our close shave, and how he said that EVERY engineer has killed someone at some point in thier career because it’s inveitable, not only from a suicide standpoint but also because people in cars always think they’re faster, and just don’t realize that trains take a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time to stop even if they DO see them. I wanted to hear more but we were at the hospital, and someone would have said something if I told the medical staff, my partner, and his daugher to just hold on a minute while we swapped war stories, so I never got deeper into it, but that sure is an interesting thing if true…)

    …so anyway, I wasn’t privy to the toxicology report so I have no way of knowing if he’d drugged himself or something, but it sure seems to ME like it would be difficult to, as the old song says, “lay my head on the railroad tracks, waiting on the Double A” because they sure shake the ground and make a lot of noise, and I would think all that ponderous weight coming at deliberate speed towards you would shake all but the most dedicated suicide from their resolve, but this one was not in any way so weak-willed, as the formerly human chunkage he was reduced to could mutely and messily attest to.

    …which goes to what I’ve said here many times about “attempted suicide”. Someone who is SERIOUS about leaving us CAN and WILL find a way. The guy I mentioned was one such example, the guy in Japan who jumped in front of a moving train is another.

    People who make long dramatic statements and ensure they are found, or even TELL people they are trying to kill themselves may indeed need mental health help, but they are NOT serious about suicide.

    You can tell because they are not already dead.

    The old song says “Suicide is painless”. I’ve seen PLENTY of reasons to not believe THAT, in addition to the fact that it won’t be very painless in the hell you consign yourself to by murdering yourself and breaking God’s first commandment. But whether or not it’s painless, it certainly is NOT difficult, as humans are very easily killed, if they MEAN it.

    And THIS fellow certainly DID mean it…

  4. At least he didn’t take anyone with him, although I have no doubt that engineer will be scarred for life.

    A friend of mine who used to be a locomotive engineer told me a story once about a woman who decided to end her marriage by driving her car in front of her husband’s train. With their children inside the car. That’s right up there with driving into a lake with your children in the car.


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