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Senior Military Leadership Defied Commander-in-Chief on January 6th

UK Daily Mail

He [Colonel Earl Matthews chief legal advisor for D.C. National Guard] claims that Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the time, and then-Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy, were plotting to disobey any orders handed down by Trump because they ‘unreasonably’ assumed the then-president was going to break the law and try to use the D.C. National Guard (DCNG) to stop certification of the 2020 presidential election results.

A lot has been made about the breakdown in military and administration communication when it came to the timeline of deploying DCNG to the Capitol.

But Matthews claims senior military leadership was solely focused on getting the heat off of them and putting it back onto Trump. More

16 Comments on Senior Military Leadership Defied Commander-in-Chief on January 6th

  1. Hey, Milley, I’m certain that you are about to commit a capital crime. Explain to me why I shouldn’t take preemptive action and remove you, with prejudice, as a mortal threat to innocents.

  2. Everyone of them defied their Oath of Enlistment which states in particular to follow the Constitution and The Commander in Chief.
    Everyone of them need Court Martial and Imprisonment.
    I would suggest life in Gitmo.

  3. Obama’s purge of the military appears to have paid off.
    Trump when/if he returns to office needs to make fixing the Military as one of his highest priorities.
    Other than an unconstitutional order the President is in charge of the Military with NO EXCEPTIONS!
    Trump issued no unconstitutional orders and the Military isn’t supposed to make assumptions of what ifs.

  4. Sat it ain’t so Joe.
    Thank our lucky Stars & Stripes a real American Obama-mama is still in charge, guiding Joe tona safe future.
    A military coup d’etat would of alteady happened with that other shit-fer-brains.

  5. West Point has gone woke with classes about deconstructing patriotism, cross-dressing in the ranks and other DEI nonsense. The military of the next generation will not be worth commanding.


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