Serial Sniffer Does it AGAIN!! Creepy Joe Calls Over Little Girl and Gets All Up in Her Hair

What is he doing?????????????????????????

Watch how he gets transfixed. Time stops for this pedo as he spots his prey, and he motions for her to come over like a rock star beckons a groupie.

The man is sick.

See it HERE

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  1. Notice at the 23 second mark, some woman says ,”awwww!!!” like ,”Isn’t that the sweetest thing? He really does care us, about our welfare, and he’s so good with kids”.

    Further reinforcing that they are a different species from us, honestly, I really don’t know how we are going to get along with these people.

  2. @MJA. I saw that too. He was totally fixated on her, oblivious to whatever else was going on around him. What a totally disgusting perv. And where was his arm /hand ?

  3. I can’t stand it any longer. It keeps happening. What is wrong with this situation? Leave this little girl alone or the parents need to leave their little comfortable stop to see what is really going on.

    Say your prayers everyday!

    God Bless us all!

  4. Fuck that sicko…

    Look at the face on this girl…

    Instinctual Desperation comes to mind.

    Did he really put a mask in a boys hand the other day or am I HALLUCINATING at this point…


  5. Look at all the big name scumbags behind him who know exactly what’s going on. Leisure Suit Harris turned on her round heels and bugged right out. Disgusting, trashy people.

  6. He’s a confirmed sniffer, which is not much less than a confirmed buggerer. He preys on children. I’m sure if he were left to his own devices he would be on par with Herbert Kitchener, 1st Earl of Buggery.

  7. Doocy needs to ask Psaki straight up:

    What’s with the “president’s” fascination with rubbing up against, fondling, and sniffing children?

  8. He stared at her like an animal predator mesmerizing its prey.

    Wait, delete the “like”. That’s what he IS.

  9. What’s your problem? Between this and the consistent flagrant lies, you’ve had years to know who I am. And all my fellow career politicians, from McCain to McConnell have always endorsed me and gushed about me. Come on man!

  10. Will someone PLEASE give him a bottle of synthetic, female pheromones that he can sniff any time he wants?! Apparently, Jill doesn’t emit any. The man’s got an serious addiction and needs to leave the girls alone.

    Optionally, a frontal lobotomy would be sufficient.

  11. The buttwipe-in-chief and lifelong white supremacist pedophile also has a loooong and known history of sexually assaulting eight different women, all quickly hidden by msm and laughably ‘cleaned up’ by the bozo-haired press sec.

  12. Biden’s perversions. Another in a long string of worst kept secrets in our nation’s capitol. Sodom’s got nothing on D.C.

  13. Old “Scranton” Joe stared her down until he got her attention. Then he scared her into coming to the clutch of his tattering old fingerbones, so he could pinch her future-boob and sniff what he wanted. Liberals offer up their kids to their gods like that.

  14. To the tune of cripple creek.
    Sniffing up a little girl,
    Sniffing on the run.
    Sniffing up a little girl,
    To have a little fun.
    Sniffing up a little girl,
    Sniffing in a whirl.
    Sniffing up a…*#@*!??
    You know, the thing!

  15. He’s looking straight down her dress like he’s checking out if she has started “growing” there.

    That little girl’s parents are doing a lousy job of protecting her.

  16. Why don’t you perv on someone your own age you old freak? He really did zero in on that little girl. She looked absolutely terrified. That was truly disturbing. When he motioned to her to come over to him, Biden truly reminded me of Herbert on Family Guy. But, old Herbert is just a cartoon, old Biden is a real person & a real pedophile.

  17. If you read Pervy Joe’s lips, you can see that he says” “Hey little girl, would you like a cookie?”

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