Severed feet — still inside shoes — keep mysteriously washing up on Pacific Northwest shores

16 feet, mostly right, nearly all in running shoes, have washed up on shore in Canada and Washington state in the last 10 years.

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One explanation is that these are suicides, and the feet fall off after the body floats on rough water for awhile.

Okay. Why aren’t the feet-less bodies floating to shore?

Why are suicides suddenly producing feet on the shores for the last ten years? Where were the feet prior to that?

And why are so many people committing suicide in running shoes?



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  1. Could they be bicyclists? There’s a lot of animosity toward the in-your-face militant bicycle freaks in that region. Might be that some unbalanced person was pushed over the edge and has been wreaking vengeance for almost 20 years.

    You might say he just gets off on the wrong right foot every so often.

  2. Running shoes are resistant to decay. Leather shoes deteriorate rapidly in an ocean environment, their bright colors are more easily spotted, and they float by virtue of their foam soles. No mystery why only running shoes are found.

  3. I’d be curious if there’s a racial link, like say all Japanese or N. Korean.

    How did they know some of the feet were from depressed people?

  4. During the Middle Ages, when Aristocratic factions warred with one another, it was a regular practice to cut the feet off the opposing Aristocrat’s peasants – the idea being that the footless peasant would become a drag on that Aristocrat’s finances – producing nothing (or little) but still having to be fed.

    This may be a tack taken on by the socialists to increase the number of unemployed and those needing “social services.”

  5. People run out to sea thinking they can walk on water, sharks bite off the feet first, prefer the taste of the left but can not consume the right one before the body falls in the water and gets eaten.

  6. “Okay. Why aren’t the feet-less bodies floating to shore?”

    Because the body becomes food for fish and sea birds. Nothing gets wasted. The feet, hands and shoulders have joints which would fall off first. Easy pickings for sea life.

  7. @Pelopidas: People jump off of cruise ships and container ships all the time. We circled around for 8 hours between the US and Hawaii searching for a woman who jumped overboard. Never located her – she jumped from the 10th deck and when she hit the water it probably snapped her neck. Her shoes could have come off eventually and floated to the top with her foot still inside. Dunno, just my theory.

  8. Things move pretty fast when making SPAM.
    They don’t have time to untie the shoes so they toss those parts overboard

  9. Ok. I finally remembered. It’s Stitch, Experiment 626, gone sea diving.
    “back up sewers, reverse street signs and steal everybody’s left shoe.”
    Unfortunately, he left the feet in the shoes before he stole them.

  10. Perhaps the sharks won’t consume the feet, because the shoes aren’t ‘natural, organic, conflict free, biodegradable…’
    Either that, or bungi jumping gone wrong.

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