“Shark Tank” Barbara Corcoran Taken For Nearly Half A Million By Chinese Phishing Scam


This common email phishing scam just caught a Shark.

“Shark Tank” star and real estate mogul Barbara Corcoran revealed Wednesday that she lost almost $400,000 after scammers tricked her bookkeeper by sending a bill that appeared to come from her assistant. More

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  1. One different character in an email address. You’ve gotta be careful! Especially when a one and an L look practically the same, or a zero and an O.
    Or a Bloomberg or a Steyer. You know… scammers always trying to misrepresent themselves…

  2. Always use long passwords on your retirement funds.
    And check the accounts every day.
    You want to be sure hackers don’t hack your accounts, and if they do, you want to know right away so you can maybe catch things before your money is in China or Russia.

  3. Usually you have multiple detailed verifications for sending wires in large amounts just like multiple signatures on large checks. Basic accounting. This should not have happened and I’m sure someone will be fired.

  4. Some company tried that on me by mail back in the 90’s. They persisted with repeated mailings and I informed them all their documents were turned over to the Washington State Attorney General and my attorney and they should expect an investigation. It stopped thereafter.

  5. If you’re interested, Barbara, I received a wonderful email the other day from this really nice Nigerian fellow, and….

  6. jclady – Missing the wonky eye,
    yes,,that was Ted Baxter’s fault
    Before Marlo, Danny Thomas had some “friends” from St. Jude’s handle that for him,,,

  7. Just read this on another site: “The 70-year-old real estate entrepreneur says that the German bank that was used for the wire transfer of $388,700.11 that a scammer duped one of her assistants into sending has frozen the money before it went through to Asia.”

  8. MJA
    “People just transfer 300k without double checking or calling somebody first?”

    Yes, then they become politicians and get a seat on appropriations committees.


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