‘She pulled a 1-foot gator from her pants’

Yep. You guessed it. It’s Florida Woman.

29 Comments on ‘She pulled a 1-foot gator from her pants’

  1. She’s lucky! The diversity in wildlife down there gives her an advantage. Us Michiganders only have squirrels and the occasional feral cat if you can catch one. Neither one a headline grabber but still loads of fun.

  2. ‘illegally possessed wild animals.’
    Stop it, please,,,
    The most considerate descriptive representation in this story.
    MJA, you are a true wordsmith finder/seeker!
    Now time for me to check my resulting LMAO situation..

  3. ^^^ here I thought you just wanted people to ask you, is that a bag of turtles and a baby alligator in your pants?
    Please, brag on!
    Promise I’ll never ask or want to know if your just happy to see me.

  4. @ no blushes,
    I have reread your comment four times now and cannot stop laughing…. I guess I am just happy to see ya.
    and by the way, I rarely look back on posts.

  5. Why is there even a law against having an alligator in your pants?
    Is this so common they passed a law against it?

  6. Uncle Al – if it had been stuffed down the BACK of her yoga pants it woulda been a Croc Of Shit, I tells ya!


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