Storm Area 51 turns into ‘Alienstock,’ a festival stretching town’s resources and patience


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Residents and officials in sparsely populated Lincoln County are worried that a planned “Storm Area 51” event might get out of hand.

The idea for a public gathering near the base sprung up on Facebook two months ago and has since caught the attention of millions of people around the world. 

Alien-themed businesses in Lincoln County say they would welcome an influx of visitors but a crowd of even a few thousand people would put a tremendous strain on public resources.

The Sheriff’s office has reportedly reached out to both the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and the Nevada Highway Patrol for assistance.

County commissioners say they may have to issue an emergency declaration in order to raise funds to pay for public services including fire and ambulance service to accommodate a throng of tourists. 

Lincoln County has only a few thousand full-time residents. The town of Rachel, which has less than 60 residents, has no gas station or food stores and only 10 hotel rooms, all of which are booked.  read more

15 Comments on Storm Area 51 turns into ‘Alienstock,’ a festival stretching town’s resources and patience

  1. Just do like the dems; instead of ‘no guns allowed’ say ‘no visitors allowed’.

    It’s just that simple……Isn’t it???

  2. Crop dust them with pheromones.
    I humbly suggest a cocktail of wasp, bee, fly, and ant pheromones with a smattering of capsicum for the eyes and mucus membranes

  3. I have a Meme of an Alien Mom telling Her Child

    “You need a Human for School tomorrow, and You’re just telling Me now?”

    The Caption is “Why most People are abducted at night”

  4. Its the 50th anniversary of Woodstock. So I get the reference. However….the same people who COULDN’T organize a 50th anniversary Woodstock festival….even though they had 50 years to plan, are teeming up with the millennial Fyre festival geniuses, to make Alienstock happen.

    Hang on while I back this dump truck full of industrial strength popcorn into the yard….

  5. BLM is getting tired of cleaning up the mess at Blackrock after Burning Man; why not combine BM with Storm 51 and move the whole mess to Rachel NV? Locals could make a killing with pay-toilets, hookers and $10 bottles of water. For real fun, add a bike event like Sturgis. The harmonic convergence might rip a hole in the space-time continuum.

  6. TonyR has it.
    Let’s start a generic festival for every occasion.
    It will be just like the ‘end of track’ town that sprung up around the railroad
    Follow every social swing, and churn out the appropriate festival
    Aliens? Give them Alienfest. with alien themed everything at out of this world prices. Glow in the dark drinks, shitloads of glitter.
    Global warming? Coolfest the virtue signaling reveler’s festival. Dirt burgers and kale smoothies made with pedal powered blenders you pedal yourself! ($20 EA)
    Social Justice your thing? Justice Fest. Buy and sell white people as your personal servants for the day. Justice burgers ($25) Made with Kale and shame
    (this comment continued after a twenty minute lapse where I passed out from the strain of seeing all those dollar signs)
    I see Globalization fests and Orange-Man-Bad fests (Pumpkin spice burgers $35)
    Immigration fest (race appropriation guilt-free tacos $15) and, of course: Fest-fest, with rich irony at ever card swipe

  7. Dear God… the sheer genius and audacity of Tony and Lazlos plan…
    I may put the liberation of Greenland on hold to jump on this lucrative bandwagon.

    ” Justice burgers ($25) Made with Kale and shame.”

    I’m in love.


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