Holier-than-thou teen climate activist who dissed Trump not as ‘green’ as she thinks

Before we get to the story, here’s a little background on creepy Greta:

Why German Drivers Are Displaying ‘F*** You Greta’ Bumper Stickers

Got it? OK then, here we go:

Liberty Unyielding:

Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old Swedish climate activist who said that meeting Donald Trump during her upcoming visit to America would be a “waste,” is not quite as pure as she thinks.

Much has been made of the fact that Thunberg will be traveling to the U.S. via a “zero-carbon” high-tech racing yacht instead of flying. The teen, who has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize(!), is heading to New York for a U.N. summit on the climate.

When asked if she would meet with the president, she answered, “Why should I waste time talking to him when he, of course, is not going to listen to me?” Apart from the fact no invitation to a meeting with the White House was tendered, she sounds like the sort of smug teen whose face the Left would like to slap.

As for her vaunted boat trip, it, too, has been sullied by the revelation that, once the ship reaches port, two crew members will need to be flown across the Atlantic to bring the boat back. more here

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  1. Did you know that every Lyft ride is zero carbon? It says so in their receipts.
    Silly leftists, thinking that you are actually making a difference in the environment (aside from diverting funds that might actually be used in cleaning it up).

  2. Children of The Corn, Village Of The Damned. I’m sorry, she stinks. Chubby, doesn’t smile, traverses the globe to lecture others, at the behest of shadowy groups, and promotes a cause no one can back with facts. Not arbitrary lines in the sands at certain dates, locations, etc. She is the perfect example of a leftist. All she needs is the sci-fi garb that UN woman wore one time who proclaimed the ‘climatechange’ was all for forming global government.

  3. “…two crew members will need to be flown across the Atlantic to bring the boat back.”

    I heard it was SIX of them.


  4. Per Wikipedia she has Aspergers, OCD, and ‘selective mutism’. Her bluntness, due to her condition, is simply a weapon.
    Point is that while she may be outspoken she is being used by adults with agendas – including her parents. And nothing out of the ordinary for the left.

  5. Dan,

    They’re playing the same card they tried with Obama and now with the female mutants in Congress: because they are some form of declared minority/protected species, all criticism of them is outlawed while they are free to verbally murder whomever they like.

  6. Why do greenies hate one of the main ingredients that help plants grow? Especially since they’re vegans?

  7. Clicked on link. To the right is a headline claiming video of Hillary is shocking. Hillary and Michael Moore romping naked in the back of a dump truck maybe?

  8. Greta is a product of child abuse. She has a form of aspberger’s Syndrome . When she saw Algore’s climate movie the polar bears drifting on melting glacier was REAL to her. Instead of her parents assuring her that what she saw was NOT polar bears in peril, they used her to further their political agenda. True child abuse. Just like letting her under go a two week ocean crossing trip with complete strangers on a not suitable for anything other than RACING vessel. The kid is a pawn of the most vile examples of parents imaginable…but Leftists are devoid of a compassion gene. Hate the parents…the kid is deserving of mercy.

  9. Another dead eyed Teutonic pariah.
    Sorry. No German will ever lecture me on any topic having to do with humanitarianism. They haven’t the moral authority. And when embracing a new international world order under the guise of an utopia?

    That’s kind of familiar sounding. I didn’t live through Germanic utopianism, but my folks sure did.

    Loved this babe in The Shining, though. Say? What ever happened to her twin sister? I guess this little nazi ate her.

  10. Where did that fiberglass and carbon fiber come from to make it possible for her to float the Atlantic?….fiberglas trees in the Amazon have been harvested to extinction….carbon fiber is only harvested near coal plants…..

  11. Wonky eyes, short snub nose, nonexistent philtrum….I would say her mother enjoyed herself some prenatal cocktails. The kid is a fucktarded fetal alcohol syndrome baby.

  12. Deny her passport and put the kibosh on her little public relations slap at us. Christ do I have to fucking do everything here?

  13. My 16 year old son started in with the climate change bullshit.
    I told him that if he was serious he could sleep in the barn. Turns out he likes ac and other creature comforts.

  14. Well, she does remind me of Damian, from the original Omen movie, 1976 and the great Gregory Peck:


    Oops, pulled the trigger to fast on that, went back up to the thumbnail and thats the movie! @0:44 the head comes off…across the sheet of glass.

    Saw it in the movies scared the shit out of me at ELEVEN years old.

  15. Left Coast Dan, Jackalopelipsky,

    Damn! Oh, that’s awful! They’re using the poor girl like that. Even her own parents. That’s just lower than whale shit.

  16. @Rick – that is called either a reckoning, awakening, epiphany on your sons behalf. I have a young crew as well, just younger than yours, and I know that I have to correct the record, like you, from the absolute bullshit they are fed and taught.

  17. 16yo scoldilocks may be on the spectrum, though I mainly see FAS when I see her photo. The parents apparently have a track record of using the kids as proxies, but haven’t given much thought to the children’s future; no one considers presumption and arrogance to be a plus when it comes to getting along in the world. She won’t have enough of any other currency to insulate her from the consequences of her ideology, especially once the novelty wears off and the cameras go away.
    The whole rancid mess begs for a James Woods commentary.

  18. Is this some kind of reprise of the children’s crusade in the Middle Ages? Most of those kids, I’ve read, never came back. Of course the parents were. IN NO WAY MERCENARY. I’m sure the current crop is in no way mercenary with their ‘children’. The fire, it burns…

  19. Remember the darling of the left in 1982? Samantha Smith, a 13 year old, who wrote a “Dear Yuri” letter and became a cause celebre and name an “ambassador” to Russia? Same crap, different cause.

  20. I thought she looked border line Down Syndrome but fetal alcohol syndrome is more likely.
    She is being used as a tool for riches and fame by her (maybe drunk) parents.


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