She told coworker she was going to shoot up her former high school

She bought an AK-47 and told a coworker she was going to shoot up a high school. I guess that’s a red flag.

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  1. So the obvious question is… would she not have been stopped except for red flag laws?
    What, there aren’t any yet and they still stopped her? So maybe a special law that takes guns away from supposedly dangerous people but takes no other action isn’t really necessary?

  2. RE: the photo on the front page:

    My father, who was in a law enforcement position, had a copy of the Anarchist Cookbook back in the ‘70’s.

    A friend of mine, who later joined the SFPD, wanted a copy. We went to a book store and asked for it.

    “Have you looked in the cookbook section?”

    “No, I don’t think it will be there.”

  3. Since this wasn’t a planned Mohammedan attack, I guarantee two things – #1 she is a registered Democrat Party voter and #2 since she chose the Democrat Party it’s proof she is crazy and is on SSRI anti-depressants

    There was a thing called “Palaidin Press”
    back before the internet.They had a full line
    of books on how to “get someone” real good if
    you know what I mean.One book was called “Screw You”.
    Boobie traps and things that go B***! They were sold
    at gun shows and men’s magazines.

  5. Can’t get a Nobel Prize for attempted Chemistry!

    She should be handed over into my custody ………. oh yea …… leaf the shakles on!

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